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One week to go!! Confidante: The Escort is almost here!



And to show you all how excited I am – here’s an excerpt! 

People are fascinated by the kind of woman who would choose to work in the escort industry. Despite the many stereotypes that are out there, Angelien found that the girls she worked with were fairly varied – coming from all walks of life and social strata.


Some were highly educated. Some didn’t attend much formal schooling at all. They were of varied ages and looks, although, she didn’t meet any like herself who had started in their thirties, but she felt that somewhere out there, there must be others.


Angelien never went back to Trish and worked at her new agency for 10 months. Looking back now, she thinks it had a lot to do with the camaraderie of the girls who worked there. They didn’t become friends that you would go to lunch with or who you invited to dinner, but they were very good work friends. They all had having sex for money in common, even if they didn’t have anything else.


Not every girl waited for work at the office while on call. The majority of the girls would wait at home. Angelien often wondered if they had other jobs or worked for other agencies. But they remained enigmas, as she only saw them from time to time when they came in to collect their earnings.


They weren’t that friendly and would just nod their head in her direction to be polite while they looked every girl in the room up and down to check out their competition.


It might seem bitchy to the regular person, but as an escort, that’s exactly what you were, competition. Every time a new girl joined the agency, all the other girls would see their earnings drop a bit.


They couldn’t always rely on regulars to supplement their income. To a big degree, the money came from new clients. New clients for Angelien at least, she estimated that around 80% of new clients would have used escorts before, they just changed agencies or girls whenever they grew tired or wanted someone new.


Confidante: The Escort is the second book in the Confidante Trilogy. It’s a biographically series following ‘Angelien’ a now retired Sydney sex worker as she enters the sex industry in her thirties and works her way up from the brothel, to an escort and finally a madame. 

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