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#NewRelease Fool Me Twice

A Big thank you to Enticing Journey Book Promotions for setting up Fool Me Twice’s release blitz! We are now live and in Kindle Unlimited!

Title: Fool Me Twice

Author: Lilliana Anderson

Genre: Romantic Comedy/Contemporary

Release Date: February 21, 2018


‘Some husbands bought their wives flowers, others bought jewellery. Mine? He returned the things he stole.’ 

I should have known better. Hot guys didn’t hit on big girls without an agenda. They didn’t approach them in bars and talk their way into your bed. They also didn’t make you feel beautiful and proud of your curves. But, I was going through a dry spell—actually, I’d kind of been going through a dry spell all my life—and dry spells sucked. Of course I slept with him.

I was such a fool. 

I believed his lines. Fell for his easy smile; the man swept me off my feet, rocked my world, then robbed me blind. 

I really needed a three date rule.

Angry and embarrassed, I engaged the help of my best friend to track the thief down and make him return what he took. But when I found him, he wasn’t alone….

What does a girl do when she finds not one thief, but an entire family? 

She marries into it, of course.


(That’s meeee!!!)

Bestselling Author of the Beautiful Series, Drawn and 47 Things, Lilliana has always loved to read and write, considering it the best form of escapism that the world has to offer.

Australian born and bred, she writes New Adult Romance revolving around her authentically Aussie characters with all the quirks you’d expect from those born Down Under.

Lilliana feels that the world should see Australia for more than just it’s outback and tries to show characters in a city and suburban setting.

When she isn’t writing, she wears the hat of ‘wife and mother’ to her husband and four children.

Before Lilliana turned to writing, she worked in a variety of industries and studied humanities and communications before transferring to commerce/law at university.

Originally from Sydney’s Western suburbs, she currently lives a fairly quiet life in suburban Melbourne.



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facebook banner zac and evie release

Finally, Zac & Evie is here! Today is the official release day for Drawn to Fight: Zac & Evie and we’re so excited because you’re about to read an exclusive excerpt from the book!

What’s it about?  It’s a coming of age story about learning that you can’t control everything. It follows Zac as he fights in the local underground fighting ring in order to keep his family together. He’s struggling with the weight of the world on his young shoulders and Evie, being the oldest of five children and a natural nurturer, senses a need inside him that she feels compelled to explore. They have a romantic connection that goes back years, but this is the first time they’ve seen each other at the same time. Their attraction is undeniable, but it comes at a bad time for Zac. Keeping his family is more important than dating, but when you feel like you need a certain person in your life just to breathe, staying away isn’t exactly easy.

Why do I want to read it? If you’re a Drawn Series fan, you’ll want to read it just to see Damien and Etta in their life after Redemption. And if you’ve never read the Drawn Series before, you’ll want to read it just to witness a beautiful story about the importance of family and the sharing of burdens. It’s about trust and commitment and growing up enough to realise that sometimes, letting go is the best thing you’ll ever do. 

Convinced? You can purchase Drawn to Fight: Zac & Evie from iBooks, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and, Kobo.

Not convinced? Read on, check out the blurb and read the excerpt. You might just find your next favorite read…

Drawn to fight small


New Adult romance, for 18+ only due to sexual content and adult themes. Can be read as a standalone.

Drawn to Fight begins a new series in the world of the Drawn Series, following Redemption and featuring, Damien and Etta’s daughter, Evie, in her own coming of age drama filled with angst, love, passion, need, and a healthy dose of obsession.

Zac Rivers. A boy no one wanted to know. Always angry. Always fighting his way in and out of trouble. It was no surprise when he was expelled from school and never heard from again.Until now.I found him at the Londonderry Brawl, and I watched him fight like an animal. Strong. Controlled. But desperate. I sensed in him a purpose – a need to win – and I wanted to know what was so important to him. The way he fought was mesmerising, and I couldn’t take my eyes off him. Then, it was over, he’d won and I needed to leave.

He didn’t want me to.

When his lips met mine, somehow, he stole my heart, and in that moment, I knew my world was forever changed. I needed to know this boy. I needed to discover all there was to know about him or I’d never be able to breathe again. No one thinks we should be together. They say his bad news.

Well, people say I’m bad news too.

Then, as fate would have it, I was forced to introduce him to my most fierce protector. A man whose past is riddled with secrets and mistakes; a man who fought his way from the darkness and into the light; a man called Damien – my father.

My name is Yvonne Rhodes, although, you may prefer to call me Evie. I’m the eldest daughter of Damien and Henrietta Rhodes. Inside me, I have my mother’s sense, and my father’s passion.

This is Zac’s and my story. It’s about needing someone to the point of obsession. It’s about losing control, and finding a way to pick up the pieces when everything seems broken.

And it’s about love. One that’s so strong, nothing can stop it.

iBooks | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo


“Were you looking for me?” I ask, my heart thudding in my chest as I try to keep my cool.

His smile widens, and I’m sure I see a bit of a blush as he drops his gaze to look at a spot on the floor. “Seeing you is a happy accident, but I’m actually looking for someone else,” he states, lifting his eyes again as he looks around the room.

“I’m the only one in here.”

He nods, seeming distracted as he glances back over his shoulder like he’s trying to decide whether he should stay or just go.

“Listen, I’m um…I’m sorry about the other night. I shouldn’t have done that without asking you. I uh…kind of lost my head a little.”

“It’s OK. I quite liked it,” I smile, feeling my cheeks heat slightly.

“You did?” he asks, like he’s surprised that any girl would ever want to be kissed by him.

“It was a little messy, but yeah, I liked it a lot.”

He steps forward again. “That’s not normal for me. Just so you know. I don’t always go out into the crowd and well, you know.”

“That’s good to hear,” I respond, feeling as though my cheeks are burning hot now as well.

“I haven’t seen you out there before,” he comments, moving closer again. To keep myself from burning up under his gaze, I drop my eyes and set my brush to the side, a nervous feeling rising up in my stomach. I pick up my canvas and move it to the drying area, needing that movement to give me a little control. I’ve never been alone with someone who makes me feel this way before. All the other boys, they were just boys. I never had this…

“That’s a pretty awesome painting. It’s yours?” he asks, his voice right beside me, brushing softly against my ears as he moves to inspect my work. It sends chills down my spine that ripple through my body and tingle out through my skin. Having him next to me is intoxicating, and I have to close my eyes for a moment to keep myself calm.

“It’s not finished.”

His eyes move slowly over the canvas as he takes in every detail. Then they turn to me and seem to do the same, taking in every detail of my face.

“You must really like fighting,” he murmurs, his voice deep and sexy like he’s talking about something so much more intimate.

“Don’t you?” I practically whisper, my voice deciding to leave me when I need it most.

His eyes drop to my mouth and he grins when my tongue slips out and wets them, then his eyes lift to meet mine and my stomach flips. He’s so close. “Yeah. Yeah I like fighting a lot.”

The distance between our mouths becomes infinitesimal, and I feel sure he’s going to kiss me again. I can feel his breath, gently brush over my waiting lips and I part them willingly, my heartbeat and my breathing short and shallow in my anticipation.

The sound of a message alert splits the air between us and causes us both to jerk back as if being caught doing something we weren’t supposed to.

“Shit,” Zac hisses as he reaches into his back pocket and pulls out his phone.

I take a step back from him, giving myself some distance so I can gather my thoughts and get a bit of control over my emotions. I suddenly feel like I’m about to cry and I keep swallowing down a lump in my throat, feeling ridiculous at the thought of my behaviour. What is wrong with me?

Clearing my throat, I leave him tapping a message on his phone and move back to my station where I pick up my palette and carry it toward the sink to wash off. “So, that person you were looking for, is she about this tall?” I pause my clean up and hold my hand just above my shoulder to indicate. “Long blonde hair and blue eyes – really pretty?”

“Um. Yeah. That’s her.”

“She should be up in the dark room. Mr Sparks took her up there a little over an hour ago.”

“She’s with Sparks?” he spits, his demeanour instantly changing – darkening – as he makes a move for the door.

His reaction surprises me, when just a moment ago it seemed he was about to kiss me and now he’s running off to some other girl. “Who is she? Your girlfriend or something?” That was a really immature thing to say. I know that, but it seemed to fall from my lips before I could think to stop it.

He turns to face me. “What? No. Jesus. You obviously have no recollection of me from before. Meg is my sister.”

“You’re sister? But your surnames…”

“Are different. I know. She’s my half-sister. Same mother. Different fathers.” He seems hurt by the fact that I didn’t remember and my throat tightens and my eyes burn.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have…I just…I don’t know how to do this – whatever this is.” I indicate in the air between us and his expression softens a little at seeing my distress. He steps back toward me then stops and shakes his head like he’s trying to clear his mind. He looks at me, his eyes beseeching and something strange happens. Like this electricity or something. I don’t know what it is. But it’s in the air between us and it feels like I could touch it if I wanted to.

“I don’t know what it is either. I…fuck, I don’t have time for this right now.” He steps back and I step toward him, wanting to say something more but he shakes his head again and walks backward out the door. “I’m sorry. But I need to stop Meg.”

“Stop what?” I call after him

iBooks | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo

About the Author

blog sigBestselling Author of the Drawn Series, the Beautiful Series, and the Confidante Trilogy, Lilliana has always loved to read and write, considering it the best form of escapism that the world has to offer. Australian born and bred, she writes New Adult Romance revolving around her authentically Aussie characters as well as a biographical trilogy based on an ex-Sydney sex worker, named Angelien. Lilliana feels that the world should see Australia for more than just it’s outback and tries to show characters in more of a city setting. When she isn’t writing, she wears the hat of ‘wife and mother’ to her husband and four children. Before Lilliana turned to writing, she worked in a variety of industries and studied humanities and communications before transferring to commerce/law at university. Originally from Sydney’s Western suburbs, she currently lives a fairly quiet life in suburban Melbourne.

Website –  Blog  – Fan Page –  Facebook – Goodreads –  Twitter  – Newsletter –Instagram – Pinterest – Tsū
Browse all books by Lilliana  – AmazoniBookstoreBarnes&NobleKobo

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David’s Beautiful Struggle

Today is the official launch day of Too Close: The Beauty in Between, so it is now available to purchase on the iBookstore, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Kobo

And to help celebrate the release of his story, David has kindly agreed to post on my blog about his side of the story in A Beautiful Struggle.

Welcome David!!

David: Um, yeah, thanks. Where did you get that photo? Have you been advertising my chest everywhere?

Lilliana: What? Oh, ignore that *laughs nervously* It’s just something I had laying about…

David: Okay…well, hi everyone out there. This is the first blog post I’ve ever done, so bear with me. I’m a little nervous.

Lilliana asked me to talk a bit about what life was like for me after Trina’s accident and while she was dating Elliot. It wasn’t the most favourite part of my life so far, but here goes…

After Trina was released from hospital, I spent as much time with her as possible. I was there to try and cheer her up, to help her catch up on uni work – anything she needed. I wanted to be around her, I wanted to show her that she was still the same person to me.

The attack changed her though, she spent a lot of time being angry, and she directed a lot of it toward her mother. Mrs Mahoney was just trying to be positive. Although, she went about it the wrong way, insisting that Katrina just needed to get out of the house and go and meet new people to put the whole ‘Christopher episode’ behind her.

This however, prompted Katrina to think about my behaviour since the accident.

“David?” she asked about a month after the attack, when we were lying about in her family’s rumpus room watching a movie.

I reached over and grabbed the remote, hitting the pause button before I turned my attention towards her. “What’s up?”

“You can go out you know.”

“Yeah baby girl, I know that,” I smiled, sitting up properly and facing her. “I just don’t want to right now.”

She sighed and adjusted herself on the couch so she was facing me as well. “Do you remember the conversation we had in the hospital? I said I wanted things to be normal.”

“I remember Trina. How am I not acting normal?”

“Well, you’re not flirting with the girls at uni anymore. You’re not going out and being your usual man-whorish self. I feel like I’m stopping you from living your life, and I don’t want that.”

“Trina, it’s fine. I don’t want to go out right now. I want to hang out with you.”

“David, please don’t take this the wrong way but, I want you to go out.”

“Maybe I don’t want to go out unless you’re going out too,” I said with a shrug of my shoulders, while I fingered the play button on the remote. I wanted this conversation over.

“I don’t need you to babysit me. I’m not going to go all depressed if I’m on my own for a few hours. Go out, have fun, pick up girls. I want normal David – you partying and being a ginormous flirt is normal. Please don’t change your life, or it will be like Christopher wins.”

“What about you? Staying home isn’t normal for you.”

“I know that. I’m going to start training again. I’ll focus on uni and training. I think that’s enough for now. I’m not ready for the whole party scene, but when I am, you’ll be the first to know ok?”

“Alright Trina, I’ll go out more. No problem,” I said, hitting play to focus on the movie.

“You’re upset,” she stated.

I hit pause again. “I’m fine. I said I’ll go out more and give you time to yourself. It’s fine ok – can we watch the movie please?”

“Ok… I’m not trying to be mean David. I’m just trying to get my life back.”

“I understand Trina. Really, I do,” I told her, hitting play again.

The truth was – I didn’t understand. I didn’t want to go out and hook up with girls anymore. The moment I realised how in love with Katrina I was, was the moment I stopped sleeping around. I would rather spend the rest of my life watching movies with her, than spend a night at a bar, picking up some drunk girl to screw. That just wasn’t me anymore.

When I went home that night I spoke to my mum about it, she was the only person in the world who knew how I felt about Katrina.

“You know, you can always just go out and not pick up. Plenty of people do that you know.”

“Yeah, I guess.”

“Or you could just come home. Spending the night with your mum wouldn’t be the end of the world would it?” she suggested.

“No Ma, that wouldn’t be a bad thing at all.”

So that’s what I did, occasionally I went out to the uni bar and hung out with a few of the guys. Of course they noticed that I wasn’t picking up, but I just shrugged it off and alluded to having an arrangement with someone like I did with Monica.

Of course, the girl I went home to was my mother. We had started reading a new series together, so I spent a lot of time transported to a realm filled with dragons, elves and other magical creatures.

I entered into a bit of a routine, going to visit Trina early in the evening and then heading off to the uni bar later. I avoided night clubs because they weren’t any fun if I wasn’t dancing, and I only wanted to dance with one girl.

She seemed to be a lot happier training, and was glad that I was going out again. We’d always had the rule that we didn’t ask questions about relationships, so while Katrina assumed that I was seeing other girls, I said nothing to confirm or deny anything.

Half way through our second year of uni, I started to think it would be a good idea to get an entry level job in a law firm to help secure a junior solicitors role when my degree was done. I told Trina of my plan and she decided it would be a good thing for her too.

I was lucky, and I got the first job I went for as a filing clerk. I started work straight away and even went out a couple of times with some of the other juniors around my age.

When Trina got her first interview, I took her in and showed her where she needed to go. Neither of us had spent much time in the business part of the city before, so it had taken me a while to figure out my way around the streets.

I showed her the building I worked in too, it was my day off but we went up so I could introduce her to some of the new people I’d met. I wanted to share my world with her.

One of the guys I work with was kind enough to tell Katrina that I’d gotten caught in the filing room with the receptionist, during one of the Friday night drinks. Admittedly, yes that did happen, but it didn’t happen the way everyone thought – I never slept with her.

I still had some work to do and I was in there, finishing up, before heading over to the conference room for drinks. Ella, the receptionist, was a 19 year old girl with a body to die for, she was really nice and I got along with her really well. Obviously though, she took my attentions the wrong way and came to find me.

For a while we were talking and then she started to move closer. I realised what was happening and tried to steer the conversation toward more neutral topics. But, when I bent down to put a file on a low shelf, she took the opportunity to kiss me, which of course is when we got busted.

While I’m sure that the partners and solicitors in the firm were all very professional, the support staff were not. The majority of us were aged between eighteen and twenty-five, and that led to quite a lot of gossip spreading around the office.

It was like being in high school again, but this time I just laughed it off. They could think what they wanted. I told them nothing happened, but they didn’t care. They saw her kissing me, so that was all the confirmation they needed.

Katrina laughed about it and just said it was ‘typical David’. It wasn’t until a couple of weeks later when she’d started work at another law firm that I realised that she actually thought I’d slept with the girl.

I should have corrected her but I didn’t, I was just so happy to be spending time with her. It was the end of her first week of work and she’d agreed to go out clubbing with me to celebrate. Also on the upside I noticed her perving on a guy from her work, so I knew that her interest in men was returning. Things were looking more positive for me.

We went out with a bunch of people from her work to this bar in Darling Harbour called Pontoon. It was there that everything turned to total shit. She started hooking up with this Irish guy on the dance floor, but when he went to kiss her, she took off outside.

I fought through the crowd to get to her and when I finally made it outside she was fucking making out with this huge muscled guy from her work. I was like – fuck my life! – as I stood there, open mouthed watching her practically dry humping him on the wharf.

A few moments later a couple of the others made it out too, and the Irish guy called out to her, shocking her and the guy, Elliot, and causing her to flee.

Elliot started to give chase but I yelled, “No. I’ll go!” and ran after her myself.

When I caught up to her, she was a wreck. I did my best to be a good friend and be understanding of what she was going through, but when Elliot came and spoke to her, I couldn’t stop myself from seething inside.

I waited – I’d waited so long for her and some other guy had her – again.

When I got home that night, I was in a foul mood. My mum had been waiting up and was obviously hoping that things had gone well with Katrina and I. So when I told her about what happened, she was really upset for me.

“Well, maybe it’s just a passing fancy?” she said to me.

“I hope so mum. I fucking hope so.”

Katrina’s work had a no dating policy. So she decided to back off pursuing anything with Elliot after they’d gotten dragged into the manager’s office and questioned about Friday night. It seemed as though someone had dobbed them in – secretly, I was elated.

So, we started going out, and it was just me and her. We would drink and dance and have a great time. But there was still a slight stand offish-ness whenever I got too close to her. I felt that she still wasn’t really ready for a relationship, or at least she wasn’t ready to hear how I felt anyway. Although, perhaps I was just scared myself and stalling.

About a month later, we went out with her friends from work to Pontoon again. I met her at her work and we had a few drinks there to start off with, before walking there together as a group.

I don’t know what the hell it is about that place, but off she went again, dancing with that Irish guy. Only this time, I could tell she was leading him on. I was really pissed off with her, so when she took off outside with him, I started to accept the attentions of another girl she worked with called Beth. We went for a walk and started talking.

Beth had this major crush on Elliot, who was actually her boss. She told me that I should watch out for Katrina around him, he had a thing about bedding all the pretty new girls. She said he’d done it with her too and I grew really concerned.

When we got back, I couldn’t find Trina anywhere. I freaked out thinking she’d gone home with Irish, but when I saw him there alone I immediately questioned him.

“She couldn’t find you mate. We looked everywhere. So I ended up taking her to meet up with someone so she didn’t have to catch the train home alone.” He leaned in close to whisper. “I promised not to say anything to the people she works with, but since you’re her best friend, I think it’s safe to tell you. She went with that guy we caught her with last time you two came out with us,” he said.

“Are you serious?! Why the fuck didn’t she wait?!”

“She tried calling you, but you weren’t answering.”

I pulled my phone out of my pocket and saw that the battery had died. “Fuck!” I yelled, getting the attention of Beth again, she suggested that I went home with her instead.

“I’ve barely had a couple of drinks. Catch the train home with me to keep me safe, and then I’ll drive you to your place.”

I agreed and on the train ride and the drive home, Beth and I kind of came to an understanding. I think the fact that we were both the people on the outside of what was happening with Elliot and Katrina, it caused us to have some sort of bond. Misery loves company, so they say, and nothing fights off misery like sex.

We did it in the back seat of her car in the parking lot of Penrith station, where she’d taken me to pick up my car.

Afterwards I felt like I’d done something horribly wrong. But in the end, it didn’t matter. Katrina had moved on. She’d move on with Elliot.

After that night, I started dating Beth, and started fighting with Trina. I just couldn’t stand to be around another of her relationships again. I was angry that it wasn’t me. I was angry that she didn’t seem to get how much I cared about her – how could she not see that I loved her? How could she not feel the same?

Eventually Elliot came to see me, and told me how upset she was that I wasn’t speaking to her. He assured me that he wasn’t going to be an obstacle in our friendship, and when I reminded him about the way he acted when he first met me, he laughed it off and said that he just wasn’t expecting that I was a guy – it kind of threw him off a bit.

I went to see Trina and tell her that Elliot had come to see me, and that I was willing to try and fix things between us. I tried to tell her then how I felt, but it all came out wrong. I just bumbled my way around the truth and told her that I couldn’t handle seeing her with anyone because of what happened with Christopher – it changed things. But she didn’t get what I was trying to tell her, so I gave up and left again, completely disheartened.

I continued seeing Beth, it was the first time I had actually dated someone and it was alright. I wasn’t as horrible at that boyfriend stuff as I thought I would be. We worked because she was angry at Elliot, and I was angry at Katrina. Together, we found comfort for a few weeks.

When Trina and Elliot broke up, I did my best to stay away. I didn’t want to go running back to her this time. Especially when I was at the point where I felt that there was little hope for us as a couple – I obviously wasn’t her type. I couldn’t compete with those big guys she went for. That just wasn’t me.

Although, my resolve was completely shattered the moment I ran into her when I was meeting Beth for lunch. She had come down in the elevators on her own and was such a huge ball of emotion, that when I tried to see if she was ok, she lashed out at me, insisting that I didn’t care enough about her. It was the opposite though – I cared too much. I cared way more than she knew.

When Beth came down, I told her I couldn’t see her anymore. I knew I wasn’t being fair to her.

“You’re breaking up with me? I thought we understood each other?” she said.

“I’m sorry Beth. You know how I feel about Katrina,” I tried to explain.

“That’s just great. I love how she gets everyone and I end up with nobody.”

“I’m sorry.” What else could I say?

She stomped off out the doors without a backward glance. Besides feeling bad for dumping her, I was glad it was over. Neither of us were really that into each other. It was all about having someone so we weren’t left out for a change. It was ok, but she didn’t fit me like Katrina did.

I decided that night that I was going to go and see Katrina and tell her once and for all how I felt about her, and blow the consequences. If she didn’t feel the same way, then so be it, I wouldn’t be any worse off than I was right then.

When I went to her house, her mother told me that she was out at the local Irish pub, I drove over and found her there talking to Christopher – I couldn’t believe my eyes, she was talking to the scumbag who beat her up! All I could think was What the fuck? as I walked up to her and tried to get her to come with me so we could talk.

Of course, Christopher had to get in my face, and I had no reason to be nice to him anymore, so I called him a few choice names and once again, he punched me. I don’t know why, but for some reason, as his fist kept hitting into me, I started laughing.

I don’t know what happened, but somehow, he was hauled off me and Trina was by my side, looking all concerned and saying sweet things to me.

She was visibly upset about what had happened and while we were sitting in the emergency room waiting to get some scans done, I told her how I felt.

After eleven years of friendship, I told her that I loved her. Miraculously, she loved me too.

Finally, I had my girl, and this time – it was forever.

David: Where did that song come from?

Lilliana: Oh, I added it. I thought it suited you and Katrina. Did you like it?

David: It’s a bit sappy, but yeah, I liked it. I’ll show it to Trina when I get home.

Lilliana: I hope she likes it too! Thanks so much for being on my blog today David, and thank you so much for letting me into your world with Too Close. We knew you in A Beautiful Struggle, but it’s been great to spend time with you.

David: It’s no trouble. Thanks for having me.

Lilliana: Any time David! mwah!

Ryan-Kwanten wet

David: Hang on. What? Where are these photos coming from?

Lilliana: Huh? Didn’t you know I had this one? It’s from when you and Trina had that water fight. Remember?

David: Yeah, but, I don’t remember any photos being taken…

Lilliana: Well! Thanks again for being on the blog David! Maybe you’d like to come back some other time! Bye for now! *pushes him out, closes door and locks it* Hmmm… Just one more I think…


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Friday Feature – Almost Yesterday by Dennis Higgins


Today, I’m featuring Dennis Higgins and his new release ‘Almost Yesterday’ 


Beautiful, Cathy Callahan found love at the most unexpected time and place…1906 in San Francisco. It was during the most
destructive earthquakes in US history. The trouble is she fell in love 110 years before she was born. Could her best friend Dawn, keep her from staying in the past?

Meet the most powerful time traveler of them all, a lovable Golden Retriever named Hickory Dickory Doc. Discover his unique and
surprising origin.

Follow the adventures of the Time Pilgrims as they travel to many fascinating times of the past. Go with Katya and Cyrus to England
where they investigate the appearance of the Titanic in the Southampton docks, meet the Beatles and experience the London Blitz firsthand.

Chase a mysterious man across time with Lesley and Seth as they experience three romantic world’s fairs in Chicago, 1893, 1933 and 2033.  During one, Lesley runs into her teenaged self.


As a native of Chicago, Illinois, I have always possessed a romance with things of the past that are gone but not forgotten. I now live in the suburbs with my lovely wife, two dogs and four canaries.

Among my influences are: Richard Matheson, Jack Finney, Dean Koontz, Joan Wester Anderson, Peter S. Beagle and Audrey Neffenegger .

The Time Pilgrims series is exciting and is treasured and loved by YA, NA as well as adults.

Other books: Katya and Cyrus Time Pilgrims

Parallel Roads (Lost on Route 66)

More about the book…

Chapter 1

The Mouse Ran Up the Clock

Sussex, England, March 23, 2037

She followed him up the steep hill. He was able to run much faster than her but she trudged on, climbing higher and higher. He stopped at the top and turned to wait, his eyes fixed on her. Once she reached him she fell to her knees, out of breath, and threw her arms around his neck. He panted and nudged his head into her chest, then wagged his tail.

“You have to slow down, boy,” Katya said to her companion. “I just can’t run uphill that fast. Now take me to Cyrus. Come on, Dickory; show me where Cyrus is, boy.”

Katya’s new friend was a large yellow mixed-breed of the canine variety. He was probably part Retriever of some sort. Although she didn’t know his breed mixture, Katya saw him asone hundred percent lovable. She and Cyrus found him wandering around there in Sussex, England after their car had broken down. On his collar was an old tarnished brass tag that had the inscription, Hickory Dickory Doc, KC 06, but no address could be found. Cyrus had said the natural thing for him would have been to call him Doc but for some reason, Katya started referring to him as Dickory.

He led her onward as if with urgency. When they approached the town square around the castle, music could be heard. Katya blinked as she saw medieval people dancing with merriment and playing instruments. She stood there with her mouth opened in amazement. Had she time-traveled over a thousand years in the past without even knowing it?

Interested? You can pick up a copy of Almost Yesterday via these links




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Friday Feature – High Heels in New York by A.V Scott

Today I have the pleasure of having my good friend AV Scott on the blog. I met Aviva via facebook when we both launched our debut novels around the same time and we struck up a firm friendship. 

I had the pleasure of reading High Heels in New York as Aviva re-wrote it after pulling it from sale early this year when a mix up in the files saw the storyline to get a little off track and poor reviews to poor in.

Unfortunately, the reviews are still there, but I urge you to ignore any reviews put up before June 2013. This little piece of chick lit is very entertaining indeed. I loved the characters, the wit, and the writing. I can’t to see what happens in the next book of this four book series.


Disclaimer: This book has been extensively edited and storyline updated. However, amazon will not remove reviews from originally published version. All reviews prior to June 16, 2013 are based off originally published version from 2012.

Melissa De La Rosa has never felt luckier. She is to marry her ideal man, and about to launch her shoe line during the coveted fashion week in New York. But in one afternoon her “happily ever after” begins to fall apart when tragedy strikes, unleashing a string of events she never in her wildest dreams anticipated.

Then there’s Angelina, is a Hollywood has-been who can’t break her addiction to drugs, which she basically needs to actually function. Banking on her latest picture to launch her back into Hollywood royalty, a long kept secret vows to destroy the life she’s so carefully crafted.

In the city that never sleeps, secrets are never truly hidden.

A.V. Scott was born in 1978 in Caguas, Puerto Rico and was raised in Brooklyn, New York. Her obsession with cupcakes began after moving to Florida, where she opened a cupcake store that specialized in mini cupcakes.She is currently an online blogger, freelancer, Poet and ebook author. She is a member of the Florida Writers Association.

She can be found on Facebook and Twitter, where she keeps readers up to date on her writing life.

You can follow A.V. SCOTT here…






More about the book…

I thought I’d share with you one of the sections that I really enjoyed, it’s when Melissa the main character is talking to her best friend Angie over lunch.

‘I raised an eyebrow as I watched Angie speak. I knew there was something more she wasn’t telling me. She had been dating Andrew for three months. It was the longest, monogamous relationship Angie had ever had.

“Plus, that ship sailed a long time ago,” Angie said, pushing a piece of salad around on her plate with a fork.

“What did you do?” I asked, open-mouthed.

“Why does it always have to be me?”

“Because it is always you!”

“Let’s face it Mel, it was a long time coming.”

“True, but I’m hoping you sugar coated it just a little,” I said, knowing all too well that nice wasn’t how Angie was wired.

“You know Andrew. He’s not particularly intelligent,” Angie said, rearranging the napkin on her lap. “So, I had to just come flat out and say it.”

I covered my eyes and prepared for the imaginary train wreck as I thought about all the horrible things that Angie could have possibly told him.

“I told him the God’s honest truth. I told him that he was as useful in bed as a pogo stick in quicksand.”

“No!” I choked on my water and tried really hard not to laugh.

“Yes. I stared straight into his eyes and told him Andrew, love is a matter of chemistry, but sex is a matter of physics. I neither love you nor am I physically attracted to your penis,” Angie said, drinking the remainder of her third martini.

“Hit him where it hurts huh. Poor guy,” I said, looking at the empty plate in front of me and trying to ignore the fact that I was still hungry.’

Interested? You can pick up a copy of High Heels in New York on Amazon


AND, if you’d like to join in the release party, you can do so here


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Release Day Parties -Confidante: The Escort


A Big thank you to the following blogs for hosting my blog release party today. If you’d like to join the facebook party for some fun and games then please feel free to come and invite your friends! http://www.facebook.com/events/154701218043455/

I Heart Reading

Spiced Latte

Cassidy Crimson’s Blog

Majanka’s Blog

Deal Sharing Aunt

Forever Book Lover

Bookaholic Ramblings

Books and Tales

I’m an Eclectic Reader

The Book Daily

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Special Promotions for Australian and New Zealand Readers.

Too close 3d

If you are a fan of A Beautiful Struggle, then you will want to hear about this one – The Beauty in Between Book One ‘Too Close’ is about to be released. It is the prequel to Struggle, and is told from David’s POV all about his friendship with Katrina.

The iBookstore have been kind enough to set it up for pre-order for all Aussie/NZ residents, so if you’re dying to get your hands on David and Katrina’s story then you can have it delivered to your Apple device the moment it goes live on the 30th July.


forever 3d book

Also happening right now, is the iBookstore ‘Home Grown Romanace’ promo, where they have A Beautiful Forever listed for only 99cents. Now, it’s very rare that I get to run a promo on any site other than Amazon, so I’m really excited I can offer this to you all.


This promo runs for two weeks and ends on the 9th July.

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One week to go!! Confidante: The Escort is almost here!



And to show you all how excited I am – here’s an excerpt! 

People are fascinated by the kind of woman who would choose to work in the escort industry. Despite the many stereotypes that are out there, Angelien found that the girls she worked with were fairly varied – coming from all walks of life and social strata.


Some were highly educated. Some didn’t attend much formal schooling at all. They were of varied ages and looks, although, she didn’t meet any like herself who had started in their thirties, but she felt that somewhere out there, there must be others.


Angelien never went back to Trish and worked at her new agency for 10 months. Looking back now, she thinks it had a lot to do with the camaraderie of the girls who worked there. They didn’t become friends that you would go to lunch with or who you invited to dinner, but they were very good work friends. They all had having sex for money in common, even if they didn’t have anything else.


Not every girl waited for work at the office while on call. The majority of the girls would wait at home. Angelien often wondered if they had other jobs or worked for other agencies. But they remained enigmas, as she only saw them from time to time when they came in to collect their earnings.


They weren’t that friendly and would just nod their head in her direction to be polite while they looked every girl in the room up and down to check out their competition.


It might seem bitchy to the regular person, but as an escort, that’s exactly what you were, competition. Every time a new girl joined the agency, all the other girls would see their earnings drop a bit.


They couldn’t always rely on regulars to supplement their income. To a big degree, the money came from new clients. New clients for Angelien at least, she estimated that around 80% of new clients would have used escorts before, they just changed agencies or girls whenever they grew tired or wanted someone new.


Confidante: The Escort is the second book in the Confidante Trilogy. It’s a biographically series following ‘Angelien’ a now retired Sydney sex worker as she enters the sex industry in her thirties and works her way up from the brothel, to an escort and finally a madame. 

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Only Two weeks until the Release of Confidante: The Escort

Only Two weeks until the Release of Confidante: The Escort

Today is the official start of our countdown for the release of Confidante: The Escort – book two in the Confidante Trilogy.

It’s a biographical series following an ex-Sydney sex worker, Angelien, during her rise through the ranks from prostitute to madam.

You can get the first book, Confidante: The Brothel for free on B&N and Kobo, or you can nag Amazon to price match it so you can get it for free there too.

If you’d like to join the launch party on facebook you can visit us HERE and get ready for some fun and prizes on the 30th!

In the meantime, add Confidante: The Escort to your to your TBR on Goodreads. Or visit my website to sign up for the newsletter so you’ll be notified the moment I press publish.

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