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To the Movies

As many if you may already know, I have the hots for Green Arrow. The Stephen Amell version, not the pretty boy version from Smallville. That being said, I actually have a bit of a thing for the hunky modern versions of almost all the superheroes these days… Sigh…

Which of course bring me to Man of Steel. Hubby took me to the movies a few nights ago, and this is what we saw. Now, the first part of the movie was awesome. Full of lots of drool worthy moments as the quiet strength of our young Clark Kent is shown while he finds a way to live in a world that isn’t quite ready to embrace a super human.


From that point on I don’t really know what happened in the story line. I just found myself wishing I had worked on set in the capacity of this person…


Me – just stay still, I think you have something stuck on your chest *runs hands over pecs* oh, silly me, that’s just your enormous muscles.

Him- Errr… Does this girl even work here?

Me – scurries off before I get arrested.

Seriously though, I did pay attention to the movie and it was pretty good. I did however feel very sorry for the tens of thousands of people that would have been decimated in that fight scene with all the buildings coming down – or were they somehow magically transported to safety? I don’t really know, but I figured that Superman of all people, could have at least taken the fight to space or a desert somewhere so there wasn’t so much destruction. You can just hear the government officials going “no Superman. Please don’t help us, you cost us millions of dollars in damage last time. This time, just let us be enslaved by the alien race.”

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