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Love is a Beach or Darcy Comes First for a Change? WTH is going on?

Very recently, I released a new novel–my BIGGEST novel to date–called ‘Love is a Beach’. My editor called it my best work. Early reviewers loved it. New release readers hugged it and wanted to be Nana when they grew up. But the rest of the world? Crickets. It didn’t matter what advertising or promotional angle I tried, I couldn’t get the book moving.

So, what’s an author to do when her newest baby won’t fly out of the nest? Give up and move on? No way. That’s never been my MO.

While I’m aware that some books just never find their audience, I wasn’t willing to put Love is a Beach in that category until I’d exhausted all options. *The following is a bit of business talk that may or may not bore you senseless. If you find your eyes glazing over, feel free to scroll to the bottom of the post where all is explained in summary* I was running ads. It’s something I’m good at, so I knew they were doing their job. They were finding readers and sending them to my Amazon sales page, but those readers weren’t one-clicking. Since I knew the problem wasn’t the actual book, it had to be the description or the cover.

First off, I tried a few different tag lines at the top of the blurb–something to grab the reader’s attention to get them to read on. I noticed a tiny bit of a shift there, but nothing significant. I tightened the actual blurb with the same result which let me to toy with the cover.

I tried out a different image that was more in line with popular rom-com books at the moment and things improved but only slightly. After switching the cover back, I wondered if perhaps changing the title would make the difference. Maybe readers thought the title ‘Love is a Beach’ was too sweet? Maybe they took it too literally instead of translating it to ‘Love is a Bitch’? I had no clue by that point, but my confidence was really shaken and I needed to do something bigger since the smaller changes weren’t helping.

Deciding to buck the man-chest trend, I went with an overjoyed looking woman and the title ‘Darcy Comes First for a Change’. I thought it was still tongue in cheek and fit the story well because Darcy is a mother who rarely puts herself first, plus her new man Leo ALWAYS makes her come first :insert winky face here:

To my absolute relief, the cover and title change worked. Within a few hours of it going live, my sales and borrows started moving upwards and this awesome story (if I do say so myself) is getting the audience it deserves. So we’re sticking with it. The puzzle has been solved and I’m able to put my creative focus into what comes next instead of agonising over why I can’t sell a book I poured my heart into and worked ridiculously hard on. Hallelujah!

For those of you who read my work the moment it released, I want to thank you for always trusting me to delivery the steam and the entertainment no matter what the subject. I’m always honoured to have you travelling this road with me. I hope you like the new title and cover, but if you prefer the original the paperback version still has it. I’ll leave it available so you can grab that for your shelves over the next couple of months.

And to those still waiting to read, here’s the link to get your copy. You won’t regret it.


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Large Families, Birthdays, Writing Moments, and a bit about A Beautiful Danger

I’ve been crazy busy with life lately. Most of you know that I have five children, a hubby and two dogs to wrangle with my Wonder Woman lasso. It’s a lot of work on most days, but right now it’s our household’s birthday season. That means there is a birthday at least every two weeks. We put a banner up in our dining room and leave it there to mark the constant events, and we make a big deal about everyone’s special day because in a large family (especially one with a young baby) the focus isn’t often on just one person. It’s a lot of fun for the individual, and I love how much joy each person gets out of it, but for me, it feels like I’m either preparing for a birthday or celebrating one. That coupled with easter and ANZAC day holidays, plus the upcoming mothers day and I’m one very busy lady. (My birthday is actually one of the last, so when it gets to me I’m kind of over celebrating, but don’t tell anyone)

Obviously all this leaves little time for writing, but I’m managing to get a minimum of a thousand words out a day just working from my phone when I get a few minutes spare.

My current WIP is A Beautiful Danger which is about Ruby Garvan, a waitress at a top restaurant in Sydney’s Lane Cove. She’s had a bit of a rough time with men in her life thus far, and blames a lot of it on the fact her father abandoned her when she was twelve. To make sure she stops following the same relationship pattern, she’s purposely seeking a relationship with a man who is the opposite of everything she normally goes for. In her head, it’s all working out. But her friends don’t seem to think so, especially when they see the sparks that fly whenever Flynn Trotsky enters the room. Flynn is a bit of a daredevil, and when we first meet him he’s being chased by police and evading them using parkour. Ruby takes one look at him and decides he’s bad news–a danger to her and what she wants out of her life. But when Ruby needs someone, Flynn is always there and soon her friends start to intervene…

So this book is slowly coming along. I’ve never had to write this slow before and while it’s making me antsy, it’s also teaching me a bit more patience with my writing. Normally, I push myself day and night, needing to get ALL of the words out of my head as fast as possible. But this time, I have to think about it all very carefully because my time is so limited and I need to be concise to avoid writing in the wrong direction. It’s an interesting process. And while I don’t mind it, I’m sure I’m going to be writing my butt off the moment my seven month old starts sleeping better!

I’m trying to get her into a solid routine at the moment, so we’ll see how she goes with that in the near future. It’s just been hard to get her sleeping at specific times every day because I’m always running around after everyone else and she’s just had to come with me. So, we will SEE!

Speak of the devil, she’s awake and calling for me now. More updates to follow!

Lilliana xoxox

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All the NEWS!

News, news, glorious news!

I’ll bet you thought you wouldn’t hear much from me until after this baby of mine is born, BUT, I couldn’t stay quiet (nor could I stay idle) so I have a lot of news to share with you all…

As you already know, I’m expecting my fifth baby and the pregnancy hormones have really been messing with my energy levels and my creativity. It took until almost 18weeks before I stopped having morning sickness (or as I like to call it, ‘progressively-worse-as-the-day-goes-on-sickness’) and since then, I’ve found enough energy to get some work done again. This work has come in the form of collaborating with my husband on his first romance novel – Till There Was You.

This has been a fantastic way for me to keep busy even though my pregnant brain isn’t as creative as it was a few months ago, because hubby did all the creating while I focused on the technical side of building the story. Right now, Till There Was You is sitting with the editor, so when we get it back we’ll be able to see how much more work needs to be done which is when we’ll set a release date. We’re hoping we’ll have it in your hot little hands by the end of June, so keep an eye out for the cover and first few chapters reveal that will come in the next couple of weeks!

Here’s a little hint of what’s to come….


Haunted by his past, Lincoln Ryan abandoned his life in Australia, retreating halfway around the world to the town of Newsham, a place as remote and cold as his heart had become. It suited him perfectly—for a while.

When a fateful event forces him to help out local bar owner, Lily Colbert, Linc finds his life of solitude is suddenly flooded with the light and hope of one very stubborn woman. Slowly his walls begin to crumble, as he lets the enigmatic Lily in. But when Linc and Lily dance perilously close to the ‘L’ word, his secrets re-emerge, rocking him to the core as he tries once again to outrun his past.

However, the thing about the past is that it always seems to follow you around, and for Linc, hiding may not be an option anymore. Not when he has Lily. Not when he might finally have a future….

Till There Was You is the debut novel by Wade Anderson, co-written with his wife, Lilliana Anderson (author of Drawn and 47 Things).

add to goodreads

More writing news…

The wonderful thing about helping hubster with his book has meant that I’ve felt the stirrings of my own creativity once again. At the moment, I’m having days where I can’t wait to write and others where all I want to do is sleep. But, we took a vote in my reader group (Join here, if interested… ) and the general consensus was for me to work on Played (Fire & Lies bk 2). That book has been a long time coming after I had to push it back after my carpel tunnel forced me to take time off then I managed to lose the notebook that contained the entire series outline. I feel like I’m starting this series from scratch going back into it, but I’m slowly working through it, and hope to have it ready and out to you by the end of the year (I hope it will have been worth the wait!).

Baby News…

I’m now 24 weeks pregnant, and if you’re not following me on Facebook you will have missed the announcement—IT’S A GIRL! The whole family is super excited to welcome a little pink bundle into the house this September.

Final Book News…

While I was too sick to write, I spent a lot of time focusing on getting several of my books onto Audio for you all. To date, I have twelve titles available (you can try Audible free for 30 days) including the Drawn Series, 47 Things and the Beautiful Series. You can find them all here –


Well, that’s it from me! I think we’re all caught up now. You should hear from me again shortly with more news about Till There Was You. Can’t wait to share this one with you all!

Take care, read lots!

With love,

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What to expect from me in the next twelve months. Hint – it’s not books…

Hello my dear readers! It’s been a fair while between posts for me, and while I’ve been trying to keep up with my social media, the best I’ve managed is sharing a few things that have made me laugh or made me feel something good. The reason for that is that I’ve been ill since late January and just haven’t felt up to anything due to constant nausea. Before you get too worried, I’m not sick in a bad way, I’m almost 15 weeks pregnant and the nausea and the exhaustion has all been hormone related.

Even through the sickness, we’re super excited about having a fifth baby to add to our brood (We currently have one daughter and three sons).We actually lost our last pregnancy, so we’ve been extremely careful this time around (making sure I actually rest was top of the list for this workaholic) and so far everything is progressing perfectly. The children are ecstatic and my youngest is full of funny questions about babies and pregnancy that have been very entertaining for everyone. So, I can actually update you all via my Facebook profile when he comes up with something now that the cat’s out of the bag.

photo credit: Hellä kosketus via photopin (license)


As wonderful as this news is, unfortunately, it means that I haven’t gotten any writing done. Something about pregnancy hormones seem to have broken my imagination, and every time I think about my characters, they’re all standing around, drawing pictures in the dirt with the toe of their shoes. I am hoping that when the nausea finally subsides that they’ll all spring back into action and start yelling at me again. But for now, I have to accept that the writing isn’t going to happen and announce a brief break from writing until after the baby is born and I’m able to function like a normal human again.

And I do apologise sincerely to all those who were hoping for the next Beautiful series book next month. It will come, it’s just unlikely to make it out this year.

That’s not to say there will be absolutely nothing coming from this house in the coming months. We’re currently working on the audio for Drawn Obsession, Drawn Redemption and 47 Things. And on top of that, my husband has tackled his first romance, and it’s almost ready for me to take a look at. I’m excited about reading his full work as he’s always been a gifted writer (I met him when I was fourteen and he was fifteen and he wrote a story with a strong female character based on me :sigh:) and writing a book has been his long term dream. But with working to provide for our family for so many years, then working in the house as a house-husband to support my writing career, he’s continued to put his dream on hold. So I’m really happy that he’s finally had the chance to get at least one of his stories out of his head – more on that later…

But for now, I’ll be here focusing on growing this baby. I’ll put updates on my FB profile as my belly grows (you’ll probably all get sick of me!) As for my next reader event, I’ve had to pull out off, or not sign up for a few, but I’ll be back signing in 2017 at Fictionally Yours, Melbourne. Until then, I’ll be on mummy duty, and I’ll sneak in writing whenever I can.

Thanks so much for understanding,

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Catch up: Sydney Signing; The State of Me; & The Drawn Series Continues…

Hello to all of my beautiful, beautiful readers! There is so much happening in Lilliana-land, so, with the busy holiday season upon us, it’s time to do a big post that catches you up and gives you a guide on what to expect from me over the next few months.


Firstly – The Sydney Signing

I just want to say that if I met you at the Sydney Author Event 2014 on Saturday, November 29, I had THE BEST time. I was in a little slice of author/reader heaven and I think I could have happily stayed there with you all forever! I loved it and can’t wait until the next signing – here’s a little montage of the pics I’ve been collecting.



I met so many current fans, as well as hopefully made some new ones. And I met authors I’ve never spoken to face to face.  I also got to catch up with my author soulmate, Cj Duggan, and the lovely Callie Hart, who is part of the trio of ladies that help keep me sane every day while working from home. We were only missing Lili Saint Germain, who will be with us next March at the Gold Coast signing. I can’t wait for us all to get together! Everyone was lovely, and welcoming and my hubby was my wonderful helper for the day.

At the signing, I sold almost all of my books and gave out a stack of preorders and beautiful swag. I talked so much that my throat was sore and it was awesome! I can’t wait for March to come so I can do it all over again.


Secondly – The State of Me

For those of you who have been following me for a while, you’ll remember that around this time last year, my hands packed it in and I couldn’t write at my usual speed. I thought I had learned from the experience (my hands swell in the heat, so I planned all of my writing and releases so that I would have the hottest months off) but unfortunately, mother nature had other plans. She was kind enough to send Australia an early heatwave, which means that my hands ache terribly all the time and I’ve been unable to write. Today is the first cool day we’ve had for a while, which is why I’m typing this up. But I’m trying to dictate during the hot days, but that is a very slow process when normally, you can type as fast as you think.

So, what I’m saying, is that I’m pushing back my planned December release. In fact, I’m moving the Fire & Lies series to Wattpad where you’ll be able to read it for free while I write it. You can follow my profile HERE ( You’ll find that Partners is already up, and in the next few days, I’ll be adding chapters for Played. Eventually, Played will be published, along with the final instalment, Paid to iBooks and Amazon etc. But while I’m a bit slow with my writing, I want those who are anxiously waiting more of Chloe and Aiden to have the chance to read along at no charge.

Now, this hasn’t been an easy decision for me as I really dislike having to alter release dates, and it’s very rare that I will. And I sincerely apologise to those I’ve disappointed, I just hope that reading along for free will help you understand how much you, my dedicated reader, means to me. You see, when I write Romantic Suspense, it doesn’t sell very well. But I write it because I love it and regardless of how much money it makes, I’m going to keep on writing it, so this is my way of thanking you all for sticking with me over the past couple of years and enjoying my slightly different spin on the romantic world.

So, because of my hand issues, I’ve chosen to focus my official publishing on my New Adult series’ – The Beautiful Series and the Drawn Series. Which brings me to my next piece of news…


Thirdly, The Drawn Series Continues

I cannot tell you how often I’m asked for a continuation of the Drawn Series. At first, I didn’t think it would work, then I realised that the Drawn sequels were all about voting for your favourite hero, and the clear winner was Damien. As a result, and a nod to the beautiful relationship he and Etta share, I have recently released a Christmas short, featuring them in a sexy Aussie-style xmas. You can grab it as a part of 12 Days of Christmas: Naughty or Nice? for only 99cents. All proceeds go to the American Cancer Society, so you’re buying something that goes towards a worthy cause and you’re getting your hands on some wonderful christmas tales as well.

So, a christmas story featuring Damien and Etta is awesome. But that isn’t the best news about the Drawn Series.

This is—>

That’s right! Evie, Damien and Etta’s daughter, is getting her own book. She’s all grown up and out there attracting the attentions of some gentlemen admirers. Although, being Damien and Etta’s, she of course finds herself drawn to the local bad boy, Zac Rivers.

Zac & Evie, will start the spin-off series, Drawn to Fight. It will feature both Damien and Etta in secondary roles, with Damien embarking on an exciting new venture when begins to train troubled young men and teach them to channel their emotions in the same way that Etta’s father trained him as a troubled teen. There will be drama; there will be secrets; and there will be LOTS and LOTS of passion as Zac and Evie fight with each other and the world at large.

This novel will release mid-February and can be preordered now on iBooks –


SO…I’m hoping that you’re as excited about Evie’s story as I am. I really can’t wait to start sharing excerpts with you all over at my Facebook page. And I thank you all for understanding the change in plans – with my hands the way they are, I just can’t produce a book every month or two like I have before. So I really need to focus on my two major series so I can produce quality work while giving myself enough time to rest and heal.

Be sure to keep an eye on Wattpad. I’ll aim to add a new chapter every week so you can follow along. But if you follow me on facebook, or join my Raunchy Readers group, where I share EVERYTHING book and writing related, you’ll never miss out on any information.

Also, feel free to shoot me any questions you have. I’ll do my best to answer them all as quickly as I can.

Love to you all!

Lilliana xoxox


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Less than a week until Partners releases!

FIRST – for those of you who are just here looking for preorder links, here they are –

Amazon –
B&N –
kobo –

Ok, now the business end is taken care of, lets get down to the pre-release chat that I normally do on youtube, but I’m pumped for time right now, so I’m going to blog to you all instead! 😉

Partners releases on the 13th! Eeep! I’m so nervous! A new series always has me freaking out as I’m never sure how well it’s going to be received. Sometimes, I release and readers start talking and recommending, then the book starts to gain some traction in the sea of endless releases. Then other times, I release to a fairly muted fanfare that includes only my most loyal and established readers. Whichever way it goes, I just want to take a moment, in the quiet before the release storm, to say thank you to everyone who stands by and eagerly awaits any of my releases. I can’t tell you what it means to know that you’re out there. So mwah! Great love to you!!!

Anyway,  if you’re into swag, I’m giving away some Partners themed swag on my Facebook page as we countdown to release. There’ll be a new teaser image going up there everyday, so if you’d like to enter, please do so. Or, if you’d just like to check out the teasers, then head on over for that too – there’s some pretty schmexy looking ones on there (if I do say so myself 😉 )

Here’s the latest one. I just love Aiden Price *fans self*

Nice teaser, right? I love a nice set abs to go with a dominant male quote. Yum!

See you all again on the 13th when this bad boy releases into the world!


Amazon –
B&N –
kobo –

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Special Promotions for Australian and New Zealand Readers.

Too close 3d

If you are a fan of A Beautiful Struggle, then you will want to hear about this one – The Beauty in Between Book One ‘Too Close’ is about to be released. It is the prequel to Struggle, and is told from David’s POV all about his friendship with Katrina.

The iBookstore have been kind enough to set it up for pre-order for all Aussie/NZ residents, so if you’re dying to get your hands on David and Katrina’s story then you can have it delivered to your Apple device the moment it goes live on the 30th July.

forever 3d book

Also happening right now, is the iBookstore ‘Home Grown Romanace’ promo, where they have A Beautiful Forever listed for only 99cents. Now, it’s very rare that I get to run a promo on any site other than Amazon, so I’m really excited I can offer this to you all.

This promo runs for two weeks and ends on the 9th July.

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Writing updates – What am I working on?

                                                              escort 3d Too close 3d

I currently have two books that I am working on right now. I’m aiming for both of them to be novella length, but I have a feeling that Too Close might try and sneak its way into novel territory.

Release dates for each book – Confidante: The Escort – June 30

Too Close: The Beauty in Between – July 30

If you aren’t following me on Facebook then OR you’ve never read any of my books before, then you will have no idea over the significance of these two books. Confidante: The Escort is the long awaited second book in the Confidante Trilogy. It follows, Angelein, a retired Sydney sex worker as she rises through the ranks, starting as a prostitute in a brothel, then moving on to being an escort and then finally a madame, before hanging up her sex worker hat for good.

It’s a true story about a woman who didn’t see sex work as the lowest of the low, instead she embraced it and became highly successful due to her effervescent attitude.

‘Too Close’ is the first book in my ‘The Beauty in Between’ series. Now, this series was created to answer all of the questions that readers of A Beautiful Struggle and A Beautiful Forever had about the character’s pasts. Too Close is a look into David and Katrina’s friendship, told from David’s point of view, it starts with him taking her to the hospital after her altercation with Christopher. While he waits to find out if she’s ok, he thinks back on their life together.

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