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So, I need a little help deciding here. I wrote a bit of bonus material for A Beautiful Struggle. The whole point of it is to give you David’s side of the story.

In A Beautiful Struggle, Katrina assumes a lot of things about David’s activities away from her, but we don’t get to actually know what it was he was doing – he always kept his private life away from Trina, and as Struggle was in Trina’s voice, it was kept away from us too.

Recently, I said that I would post a blog on Friday that is basically A Beautiful Struggle – David’s side of the story. It’s very short, but it tells you what he was doing and how he felt about things.

My problem is – do I post the short this friday, or do I wait until after Too Close has released? It might be better to read it after you have read both Too Close and A Beautiful Struggle.

I will leave it in your hands – do you want it now? or do you want it after you’ve already spent some time in David’s head and know him better?


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