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Event! Gold Coast signing – Pre-orders.

Hello my beautiful ones! I’ve been missing chatting to you all, but I assure you, I am only quiet because I am busy writing more stories for you all!

I am so excited that I am going to get to meet some of you at the Indie Author signing in the Gold Coast come March! (

I have a heap of swag to share with you all, but the only thing I’m not sure on, is how many copies of each book I need to take. So, I’m asking those of you who are a definite yes to attending, to please fill out the following form to pre-order which titles of mine you’d like to own. Each pre-order will get a special swag pack from me, and if  you’re interested, you can also order a CD copy of the single Kismet wrote for A Beautiful Melody (they will also be signing each pre-ordered CD jacket).

Here’s the form –

You have until February 20th to get your orders in so I have time to have them all delivered to the venue from my US supplier.

Back to writing for me – I can’t wait for March! See you there!

Lilli xoxox

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