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Angst Duet. Rock Star Duet. What else?

A love triangle – A resolution – A love triangle – A resolution. That’s the pattern the Beautiful series follows. While each book can be read as a standalone, it’s best read with its companion. Struggle+Forever, Melody+Rock, Star+Taste, Danger+Destination.

As promised when I first started re-writing the Beautiful Series, I’m re-releasing them all at 99cents so those of you who’ve read the series before can re-visit the characters and enjoy the masses of extra content I’ve added to each book. Rock is releasing on August 14th, and that has over 20,000 new words in it. The relationship is a thousand times more intense than it was the first time around, and honestly, I’m thinking I’m super in love with our Hero (who shall remain nameless for those who haven’t read Melody).

To take advantage of the discounted price (and to buy on retailers other than amazon) you need to grab your copy by release day. After the 14th, the price will go up to $4.99 and the book will enter the Kindle Unlimited program.

beautiful series update

I’ve also got Star available for preorder as well. That one follows on from Rock and introduces a new love triangle for you involving a movie star and a celebrity chef. You can preorder via all retailers until September 18.

Star 2019

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