Beautiful Series Revamp Q&A

(If you follow me on facebook, you’ll already know this. But if you’re here looking for answers, you’ve come to the right place.)

Where did all the old books go?  I’ve taken them down. :cue the gasps: That’s right. The entire eleven book series has been pulled from retailers to undergo a massive makeover.

What kind of makeover? New covers. New content. I’m stripping them back to their bare bones, adding scenes, taking them away; in some cases the ending has even changed. The current eleven books will and novellas will be combined into eight titles. They still have the same heart, and the characters are the same; you’ll just get more insight and more time with them.

Why are you doing this?  I was struggling to get my head back into the series to write the final book and novellas. So, I went back and read through the series to help with that. I realised that not only is the series outdated, but it isn’t representative of my writing ability anymore (of course, I wrote the first book almost a decade ago). I needed to up my game on a series that tends to be a reader’s introduction to my work and I wanted to celebrate these characters who are the reason I have a career. The Beautiful Series was my very first foray into the world of romantic fiction, and I want their stories to be the best they can be before I write the final book and close the lid on this long-running series for good.

It’s ending? WTF? Yeah. I know it sucks. It’s hard to say goodbye. But it’s time. It’s been going since 2012. The characters will always exist in the Lilli-verse (Katrina makes an appearance in Never Again, Paige makes an appearance in the Drawn Series, and Lisa pops up with Perry in the Entwined series) so they’ll show up again. It’s not goodbye forever.

How long is this going to take? As it stands, the series will be complete by  the end of  this year. I’m waiting to hear back from my editor to make dates official, but I do have firm dates on the first four books.

Here’s where we’re at:

Available in KU: Struggle (contains bonus content within A Beautiful Struggle and Too Close)
June 26: Forever (contains bonus content within A Beautiful Forever and Phoenix) 99cents
Preorder Link:

July 17: Melody (contains bonus content within A Beautiful Melody and Commitment) 99cents
Preorder Link:

August 14 : Rock (contains bonus content within A Beautiful Rock and Devotion) 99cents
Preorder Link:

I’ll update you as soon as I have dates and links for the rest of the series.

Happy reading!

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