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I’m Baaaa-aaaack!

A quick update…

…on me and the fam before I get down to the business side of stuff. Our baby girl is now two months old, and we’ve settled into somewhat of a routine. Most of the time she is asleep in a wrap on my chest or playing in her little floor gym next to me, but we’re calm and the family is loving the new addition and all of her precious smiles. If you follow me on Snapchat (lilliana-books) you’ll get to see some pics of her when we play with the filters, but otherwise, I give a few updates with pics on my facebook profile.

Here’s a quick pic of us from Instagram –


Now, down to business

I’m back! My brain has settled down from all those pregnancy hormones and I’m able to communicate with my characters – BLISS!

And returning with me is an all new cover for Partners! Why? Because I will FINALLY be releasing Played in 2017. This series has been floating about in the ether for a while—long story—but now it is definitely happening 😁

Series Info –

Book One (Partners) is a #FREE download on all platforms and Book Two (Played) will be releasing Feb 15th. Mark your calendars!

Links to Partners –

Amazon –
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Rules are made to be broken…

That’s what they say but I used to follow the rules. I used to have pride, honour, and obedience. I was raised to believe that in the world in which I lived, money and power ruled, and everyone made sacrifices. I knew my priorities. Family first. The company second. And what I wanted a very distant third.

I followed the rules, but couldn’t have known that obedience would ultimately cause betrayal. On many fronts.

My father was framed, and I’ll do whatever it takes to put the right man behind bars.

My name is Chloe Donovan, and I’m going to make things right. But to do that, I need to break the law, and I can’t do it on my own. I need help. The problem is, the only person capable of helping, hates me. I don’t blame him. I promised him the world and then I ran away…


I used to follow the rules. Until Chloe Donovan. She was my boss’s daughter. I shouldn’t have touched her. But I did. Three years ago, she came into my life, consuming it. Consuming me. I needed her. She betrayed me, as did her father. Lies and deception. Never again.

Chloe was the worst mistake I ever made. She’s temptation and destruction wrapped in a beautiful package. But, my blood doesn’t really fill my brain when I’m around her…

Now, she’s back, declaring her innocence and once again, ensnaring me with her magnetism, her beauty, her allure. I should say no.

But Chloe Donovan owns me. I still want her. Her draw may be the death of me.

The NEW Cover for Partners

That’s it for now! Happy Thanksgiving to all my US friends, and a big hello to the rest of the world who are just enjoying a regular day! Kiss, kiss, and keep smiling!


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