47 Things is now available!


Wow. For a while there, I didn’t know if this book was going to make it out of my head. It’s been in there for so long and I really liked having these characters dancing about in my mind. But, now there out of my head and out in the big world of readers, who may, or may not love them as much as I have.

Our main man, Tyler, is that guy we all knew from high school – you know the one who seems like he’s got it all going on. He’s the guy who infuriates the hell out of you because it seems no matter what he does, everyone loves him. But, like many popular boys, he’s hiding something behind that million dollar smile…

Sarah is our narrator and of course, she’s Tyler’s love interest. They grew up in the same town and she was the girl who was smart and tough, and dreamt of bigger things than a country town could offer her. She was that girl, sitting there, looking at the popular kids and wondering what made them so darn special. She wasn’t blinded by the facade Tyler put up to the world, and as a result, she was the one person he could never win over. That is, until their final days of university when a stick of gum intervenes…


★* ღ 47 Things is LIVE!ღ*★ and it debuted at #2 overall on iBooks AU! So excited! Thanks to all who preordered.
And for a limited time, it’s only ‪#99cents‬!
So grab your copy now and be sure to grab a box of tissues. This one’s a tearjerker. heart emoticon

Here are you links –

Amazon US – http://amzn.to/1SDcuWR
Amazon UK – http://amzn.to/1MJlE2k
Amazon AU – http://bit.ly/1HSUuT8
Amazon CA – http://amzn.to/1SDcF4q


Here’s the blurb –

“What’s your name, sweetheart?”….

That was the first thing. I wasn’t his sweetheart, and he should already have known my name. But that was the moment I became caught in Tyler Lohan’s sight. He was wonderful and complicated and I’d spent my life trying to hate him for being the golden boy who had everything easy. But once we gave in, there was no stopping what we had.

There would be a total of forty-seven things that sucked me into Tyler’s life then forced me away. Forty-seven things that ruined me forever.

Forty-seven was never going to be enough.
There was no number great enough…

47 Things. A standalone new adult romance that follows a couple as they come to terms with falling love in a world they can’t control, and the certainty of the inevitable.




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4 responses to “47 Things is now available!

  1. Sethu Vilakazi

    I have just read this book and it made me believe in love once again! Truly grateful for giving us such an inspiring and insightful tale. It raises some pertinent questions on how true love can be, the challenges you may face and especially with growth. If Sarah had not allowed herself to live a short forever with Tyler she may never have found such a pure form of love. Oh! His sweetheart, watching her from the heavens and chuckling to himself. That’s ultimately what we all crave as human beings. But, as life goes, we stumble and meet demonic creatures who taint this perfection turning others into vindictive and unfaithful people . You have found a new fan, one who loves your style of writing. Even with the face of death hovering relentlessly throughout the book (“harbinger of doom”-Tyler), you captured such a timeless reflection of two souls in love. Thank you


  2. Katie Keesee

    I can’t believe how this book manipulated my emotions… I felt everything! I was going through a phase where I hadn’t read or even picked up a book I enjoyed in at least two years. Thank you so much for snapping me out of it! Fantastic! 🙂


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