Good bye 2014. Thanks for being awesome!

A friend of mine recently shared the following link with me – Basically it’s a blog post by a women’s business coach, and in it, she talks about doing a great end of year ritual where you look back on the past year and make a list of everything you’re proud of so that you enter the new year in a positive mindset.

And it got me thinking about how most of us enter the new year thinking about all of the things we didn’t accomplish the year before and I really like the idea of picking out the thinks you did do. Because, let’s face it, as women, we do a hell of a lot but we’re taught to be humble and not to brag. But guess what, ladies? You’re worth so much more than you think you are, and I am too.

So, here’s the short list of what I’m proud of accomplishing in 2014.

I am proud of…

1 – publishing 6 novels, 2 novellas and 1 short story. (A Beautiful Rock; Drawn 2: Obsession; Drawn 2: Redemption; Devotion; Our Lives Entwined; Partners; A Beautiful Star; Deep Cover: Case 001; A Drawn Christmas)

2 – being there when my kids needed me. I managed to attend all of the concerts and performances and excursions that most working mums don’t get to attend because I’m lucky enough to work at home.

3 – writing two different sequels to Drawn and creating a fun ‘choose your own adventure/sliding doors’ experience for readers. This one, I think I’m most proud of. At times it felt impossible keep track of those two stories and weaving their timeline together. But in the end, it was worth it because…(see next point)

4 – topping the iBooks charts in almost every country in the world when the Drawn Sequels released, then topping the Self Published Best Seller list and staying on that list for three months in a row.

5 – overcoming my internal hermit and attending three book signings to meet some of my beautiful readers. It was so worth seeing your smiling faces and getting the chance to talk to you in person.

6 – becoming the main bread-winner in my household and surviving the transition without killing my very patient hubby. Early this year, my husband and I had to make a very important decision, I was drowning in a sea of bookworld and houseworld and I wasn’t coping. I needed help, so we decided to trust in my abilities as an author to continue releasing books you want to read and take the plunge so that hubby was now a house husband. Now, I’m a bit of a control freak and it took a lot of restraint on my side to step back and let him run things his way. Now, after almost a year, everything is running smoothly and I’m able to go into my office to work without worrying about coming out to an exploded house – that in itself is probably one of the best things of 2014!

7 – becoming stronger and refusing to be pushed around. You know how you have those people in your life who just don’t treat you the way you should be treated? Well, we all have them, and this year, I stopped taking their crap and simply said an appropriate no at the time. I guess in some way, I realised my worth and I didn’t want to be made to feel less than I am. (if that makes sense! lol)

8 – being generous. I’m a firm believer that if I have, then those around me should have too. So whenever I can, I give. I often say ‘take it now, you never know when I’ll be poor again.’ as a joke. But the thing is, your world can change in an instant, so I want to give while I can. Whether it’s with material things, or just my time or advice, or even just an ear to listen, I’ve made sure I do that for those I care about and those I see who need it.

9 – becoming more professional and realising that I’m running a business. So, I’ve taken steps to grow that business by employing the appropriate people to help me organise my work load and focus on what’s important – writing books.

10 – taking chances. Not all of my risks pay off, but I’m proud that I write what I want to write and I take a chance by putting it out there and possibly getting flamed by a thousand reviewers. But, it’s the reason my tagline is ‘Romance…with a difference’. I’m always told that I’m unconventional and I love to put that into my stories. I often put it in terms of the massive Team Edward/Team Jacob craze that swept the world with Twilight, I like to think I write for Team Jacob – the people who root for the underdog. That’s because I always do and I love it when a book surprises me and goes the way I want it to.

I’ll leave it there, but I have to say that once I got going, I thought of so many things I did that I can be proud of over the last year – both personal and professional. So I know I’m growing as a person and as a business woman, and I’m really looking forward to moving things to the next level over the coming year. I’ve set myself goals to achieve that involve my health and my career, as well as my family and ME. In 2015, I’m going to take the time to nurture myself. Because if I don’t do it, I can’t expect anyone else to.

So, what are you proud of? Feel free to comment or just have a think about it. You might realise that 2014 was better than you thought – I know I did.

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  1. lharms2013

    That was very inspiring to me, Lilliana. Thank you for sharing this. It does make me think I need to look around and choose which path to take in my life and be more sure of the choices I make.


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