Music and my moods

Recently, I had my car serviced so I could take the family on a short vacation to Phillip Island (yes, the very same place that Drawn 2 is set in – I even visited the house Etta lives in 😉 ) and as a part of the service, they disconnected my battery to check its charge. This to me was a bit of a disaster because it cleared all of my radio presets, and with my CD stacker jammed, the radio is all I had to occupy me on the long drive.

Those of you who know me, know that I’m very particular about the music I listen to, and with a brain as addled as mine, I never remember exactly which frequency my favourite stations are. So it’s a bit of pot luck when I’m searching to find them. Basically, I listen to TripleM which plays a lot of 90s alternative rock, and TripleJ which plays a lot of alternative rock (are we sensing a theme here 😉 ) throw in the occasional oldie station (I love the Beatles, the Doors and Cat Stevens) and I’m all good for any long drive. But, give me a repetitive pop music station and for a while, I’m ok. Then suddenly, my brain starts to enter what feels a lot like a hormonal angry moment, and my eye begins twitching while my jaw clenches and I feel as though I’m scream.

So, on the trip to Phillip Island, we set out on the road and not realising my stations were gone, I just had to hit search and hope to find a good song. With the kids in the car, they all called out to stop when I came to a pop music station. I believe Taylor Swift was singing ‘Shake it off’ at the time.

Deciding that for the sake of my children’s happiness, I can handle pop music, I left the station on Nova. Boy, was that a bad mistake.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against people who like pop music. I get that the tunes are catchy and fun and if I only hear them once, I don’t have a problem. But when I hear that same song, three times in a short period, I begin to lose it. Because pop songs, follow a very basic rhythm (which is what makes them so catchy) and they have very little actual lyrics.

Why is this a problem? Because I am a walking juke box. I learn the lyrics to almost every single song I hear, whether I want to or not, and new songs repeat in my head, over and over and over again. So that hour and a half trip, taught me quite a few songs which I then had on repeat in my head for the entire holiday which meant that I eventually hated all of those songs.

Sorry, Taylor Swift, it’s nothing against you. It’s me. It’s all me and my crazy brain.

Anyway, after singing ‘shake it off’ in my head from dawn ’til dusk, we got back in the car and STILL I couldn’t find one of my stations in the search function. That’s when bloody ‘shake it off’ came back on again and I lost it, I started demanding that my husband (who is tone deaf and doesn’t care) to PLEASE find out what the frequency for TripleM is so I can listen to some of MY music – the music that tells a story and calms my mind and helps me see the beauty in the world. The music that is poetry and has a message. The music that is clever and beautiful and all things I love…

Laughing at me, he obliged and googled the station (I know, I should have thought about this before we got on the road. My excuse is – Four kids, a husband, and being the one who organises everything for everyone). It’s 105.1 by the way (I’ll remember it forever now). Then he did something better than buying me flowers, he changed the station and Smashing Pumpkins were singing Tonight. It was bliss. It was soothing. And that crazy feeling in my head relaxed and drifted away, and I breathed a sigh of relief, while my husband continued to laugh at me for being so picky about my music choice.


Since then, I’ve reset all of my radio stations, but I have kept Nova for short trips with the kids. I can handle pop music for a little while, so I can pull up my big girl panties for the sake of the other people in my life. But it does amaze me the difference a piece of music can make to your mood, and I do use music a lot to help focus my emotions when I’m writing. If you’re interested, I have a playlist I listen to a lot on Grooveshark that shows the kind of music I listen to!/playlist/Music+I+Write+To/84788610 It’s all fairly mellow stuff to keep me calm and focused.

So that’s me. What about you? What’s your favourite music to listen to, and is there any that drives you mad when you listen to it? Comment below.

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One response to “Music and my moods

  1. Heather SUtton

    I hear ya on the music thing. Music is my life…a daily thing for me. Which, I believe that my extreme A.D.D.. has an influence on my choice of music…because it could be different every day. My ultimate favorite is Rock/Alternative (Pink Floyd, NIN, Metallica, etc…). But some days it’s Country, some days it’s Christian, sometimes Pop, sometimes Electronica (Check out Zero 7, Hybrid, and Amon Tobin). Anyway…music kicks ass!


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