Partners – It’s out. What did you think?

So, this new series I’ve been banging on about has been out for a few days, and so far the response has been pretty awesome. I’m getting lots of messages, desperate for the next book so we can all understand why Chloe did what she did!  I love getting those messages, it really makes my day when readers let me know how they felt at the end of the book. And it really makes my day to load up my book pages and see new reviews sitting there, because then you’re also letting other readers know how much you enjoyed it, which is a great bonus to us as authors, because this industry operate HUGELY on word of mouth.

So, please, if you have read Partners, consider leaving a quick review or mentioning it as an awesome read the next book loving friend you’re chatting to, or even mention it to any reader groups you’re a part of. Every little bit helps and it keeps me in business so I can keep putting new books out for you all to enjoy.

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For those of you who are yet to read it, or haven’t even heard about it yet, here’s a bit of information and a couple of teasers to introduce you to our main characters, Chloe and Aiden.

Chloe is the down and out heiress to the Donovan Corporation that fell when her father was framed for embezzlement. Chloe is after the evidence to clear her father’s name, and to get it, she needs to access a safety deposit box that isn’t hers. This will require her to, you guessed it–rob the bank.

This is where Aiden comes in, he’s ex-military, and was the head of security at the Donovan Corporation before one night with Chloe, saw Aiden lose his job. As a result, he’s pissed at Chloe and has left his old life to start Price Security, a firm that specialises in club security and a little side project he likes to call ‘Recoveries’…

Anyway, have a read of their thoughts on the novel and see what you think. You may just want to tell every you know about it 😉

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Happy reading!!

Lilli xoxox

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