Cover reveal! PARTNERS: Fire & Lies, Prequel by Lilliana Anderson

Ok, I’ll calm down and bring it back to a normal volume, but seriously, I have great love for this cover AND this series because I have been desperate to write it for over a year now, and I just haven’t had the time – until now!
Now, let me tell you a little bit about the series. Fire & Lies is a three book series that starts with Partners, which is a prequel story. This one is releasing first to give you all of the great background information you’ll need when you get into the official book one. It’s romantic suspense with plenty of sexy times with a hot alpha male, named Aiden Price. And our heroine, Chloe Donovan is pretty kickass herself. They’re both joining together to clear Chloe’s father’s name after he was framed for stealing billions of dollars worth of company assets. At first, Aiden isn’t too keen on helping out Chloe, you see, the two of them have a history together and things didn’t end so great last time. So Chloe needs to get a little creative to get Aiden to listen to her and help her get her hands on some very important documents that will help get her father released and put the right people behind bars….
I am seriously jump up and down excited about this release and if you keep reading, there’s a nice little excerpt for you to sink your teeth into. Let me know how excited you are in the comments section and if you have access to iBooks, you can preorder now by clicking right here!
Rules are made to be broken…
All her life, Chloe Donovan played by the rules. She was good. She was daddy’s perfect little girl. That was, until those rules failed her and her family, causing them to lose everything they had worked for.
With her father lying in hospital unconscious, and her mother caught in the depths of depression, it’s up to Chloe to find out the truth and put the real criminals behind bars.
But to do that, she needs help.
Aiden Price was once the head of security at the decimated Donovan Corporation. He protected Chloe, her family, and their clients, as millions of dollars changed hands on a daily basis. Now, with the company in ruins, he has branched out on his own and created the successful, Price Security.
Aiden is the only person her father trusted, which makes him the only person Chloe can trust.
The problem is, he doesn’t trust Chloe. A previous moment of weakness and passion saw Chloe enter and leave his life like a ghost in the night. Aiden isn’t the kind of man a girl walks out on. He says when it’s over. Not the other way around.
On top of that, he doesn’t have any lost love for Chloe’s father. As far as he’s concerned, it was her father who sold the company out which allowed for the aggressive takeover to take place. That act saw his and thousands of other jobs lost. Aiden is a man of honor, and he can’t forgive an action that he saw as guided by pure greed.
It’s up to Chloe to convince Aiden that everything he thinks he knows is a lie. But Aiden doesn’t do anything for free. Partnering up is going to cost Chloe dearly. She just wasn’t expecting to have to pay with her heart…
Excerpt (Unedited and subject to change):
“Not one to take a hint are you?” he grumbles as he heads up the path and climbs the steps.
I push off the railing and stand to meet him by his front door. “It’s important.”
“So you keep saying.” He sounds tired, his voice much softer than it had been earlier and he inserts his key, pushing the front door open.
As he walks past me, I smell the faint scent of another woman’s perfume and my mouth speaks before my brain connects. “Have you been with someone?”
Stepping inside his home, he pauses and blocks the door. “That is absolutely none of your business,” he states.
“Does this girl know what you were in your office dry humping me before her? Does she know I’m the one that got you fired up?” I’m attacking him and it’s stupid and unwarranted. Essentially, I have no right to be behaving this way. But I can’t seem to stop myself from feeling a jealous rage at the thought of him with another woman.
His eyes narrow for a moment and within a blink of the eye his arms shoot out and he grabs me, hauling me through the door and slamming me against the wall. The movement surprises me and I gasp and follow my instinct to fight him. He flattens his body against mine, pinning me so I can’t move and he grabs my wrists pressing them together over my head.
I wriggle beneath him, feeling way out of my depth. I talk tough, but in this moment, I feel anything but. “Let me go, Aiden,” I demand through clenched teeth.
“Why? Isn’t this what you came here for?” He readjusts his grip so he can hold both of my wrists in one hand then trails his other one down my arm. “It’s why you’re here acting like a jealous girlfriend, right?” His hand pauses at my throat and wraps around it uncomfortably as he leans into me, brushing his rough stubble across the skin of my cheeks. “Do you want me to fuck you, Chloe?” He pushes his groin against me and I can feel his erection dig into me. I wince. “No? Then what?” His breath is hot and his fingers tighten around my throat as his mouth moves toward my ear and he growls, “What the fuck do you want from me?”
Tears burn in my eyes and I them shut, suddenly feeling as though I’ve pushed him too far. I should have told Leah to go fuck himself. I should have stayed home and thought of another way to get Aiden to listen.
Things are different now. So much has happened in the last three years. So much has changed in each of our lives. We’re different people. Capable of different things. When you back a person into a corner, you can’t always be sure how they’ll react…
I twist my head away from him as my emotions hit me and I let out a strained sob. I didn’t want to cry. I wanted to stay in control but he’s scaring me. At the sound of my cry, his grip lessens, it’s if he suddenly realises what he’s doing and he slowly releases me.
“Shit,” he hisses, taking a step back to give me some space to move. I don’t waste my time, the moment my hands are free, I swing my body, bringing my arm around and slap him loudly across the face.
“Fuck you, Aiden! Fuck you!” I scream, my body shaking with fear, desire and anger from his intimidation tactic.
His cheek becomes immediately inflamed and I watch the red bloom across his skin, as I glare up at him, angry that we’re even in this situation. Things used to be so different between us…
“I guess I deserved that,” he admits.
You’ll find Partners’ cover reveal all over the net! A big thank you to the following blogs who signed up to take part! If you head on over there, you can scroll down to the rafflecopter and enter to win one of 5 eARCs of Partners!

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