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Our Lives Entwined has released! The series is complete!

After a year in the works, the Entwined Series is finally complete!

Breathless Ink summed the series up perfectly with their post (

The Entwined series is a difficult one to sum up without spoilers! How about this:


The Entwined Series shows that the past is never too far behind you, and the future is more twisted than any of us could imagine…


Long time lovers + romance + suspense+ surprises = new adventures for all involved! Mia and Eric may be comfortable in their relationship now, but when things get a bit interesting their love is put to the test! When Cayd and Natalie are added to the mix all hell breaks loose!


Be prepared to be immersed in a story filled with sexual tension, mystery, action and romance. Don’t start this series unless you are prepared to finish it…I promise you won’t want to put it down!

If you’re yet to start reading, book one is FREE and book two is out now! Check them out –

iBooks –
Book 1
Book 2



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