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HAPPY RELEASE DAY! Devotion is now available!

It’s live! It’s live! Come one, come all! Attend the wedding of Naomi & Theo. See what happens at a rockstar wedding when the lights go out!

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#TeaserTuesday – 10 days until DEVOTION releases!

I don’t normally go for the whole #TeaserTuesday and #ThrowbackThursday thing. But, I thought I may as well give it a go and forsake my random postings in favour of a little structure 😉

If you’re following me on Facebook and Twitter, you’ll have seen a few posts about Devotion: The Beauty in Between. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s the companion novella to A Beautiful Melody and A Beautiful Rock (available now as a two for one deal during the month of june only.) AND it’s releasing in TEN DAYS! So I’m pretty excited to share this Beautiful Series wedding with you all. There are a lot of ups and downs in the story – family drama, wedding drama and band drama. But essentially, it’s a celebration of the love Naomi and Theo share and shows us the strength in their union.

Anyway, I thought I’d share a little snippet of the conversation that makes this long overdue wedding happen. (Unedited and subject to change before the June 27th release)

“You know what you have to do, right?” Marcus asks.

“What do I have to do, Marcus? Enlighten me,” Theo replies, rubbing the bridge of his nose as if he has a migraine coming on.

“Get married,” both Marcus and Lisa say in unison.

“Get married?” I repeat. “What is it with everyone telling us to get married lately? Besides, how the hell are we supposed to organise a wedding right now? Matiari is about to tour the UK and Europe. We’ll be gone for the best part of a year. We can’t organise a wedding before then. It’ll have to wait until we come back. That was our plan anyway.”

“Sure you can have it early,” Lisa assures us. “Marcus organised ours in a day. With his connections, you can have the wedding whenever you want.”

Theo and I look at each other, mouthing words and gesturing to each other that we can’t manage a wedding right now. We both know that most of our finances are tied up in the tour. We’re not mega stars like Marcus and Lisa are. Our income is very modest considering our output for band expenses.

Theo clears his throat. “Guys, it’s just not going to happen. Our money’s tied up in the tour, and I’m not going to get a loan to go in debt for a quickie wedding, just because our mother is being a drama queen. Besides, in a month’s time, we’ll be gone for a year, and she’ll probably be over it by the time we get back.”

“Theo, don’t kid yourself,” Marcus adds. “She will torture the rest of us the entire time you’re gone.”

“Marcus, you totally deserve to suffer through a torture caused by me for a change. God knows, I’ve suffered plenty because of you.”

“Then if not for me, think of Lisa. She doesn’t deserve more than she’s already put up with. Besides, mum will call you while you’re on the road, crying about how much you’ve hurt her. You know what she’s like. This doesn’t end until something happens that will change it.”

“Fine. Then we’ll elope like you two did,” he says.

“Seriously man, don’t do that. We don’t regret our wedding at all, but we should have thought about what effect it would have on everyone else. Especially you two. We didn’t think and we kind of swooped in and got married before you two got the chance to have yours,” Marcus explains.

“We’re really sorry guys,” Lisa adds. “We should have waited until after you’d had yours.”

“Don’t mention it. It’s fine,” Theo says, even though I know the fact that Marcus is acknowledging that he did yet another shitty thing means a lot to Theo.

“Well, we are mentioning it because we feel really bad. We were going to wait until Christmas to do this, but since this has all happened, we thought we’d suggest it now,” Marcus starts.

“Suggest what?” I ask.

“We’d like to pay for your wedding,” Lisa says. Both Theo and I shake our heads while we both repeatedly say ‘no’ over the top of each other.

“It’s the least we can do after fucking things up for you guys. Consider it our gift to you. We wouldn’t know what the fuck to buy you two since you already live together, anyway. And we owe you guys. You’ve been amazing to us. Let us do this,” Marcus insists. “I’ll make a few phone calls and get back to you both tonight. Don’t plan anything for the next month before you go. We won’t have time to set up a big catholic wedding. But we can definitely do a wedding fit for one of Australia’s most recognisable music couples.”

“Marcus, no!” I yell into the receiver. But my protests are only heard by Theo’s ears. Marcus and Lisa have disconnected.

I glance at Theo, my eyebrows raised and my eyes wide. “What the hell just happened?”

Theo presses his lips together and gives me a lopsided grin before he pulls me into another embrace. “Well, we had planned to talk about the wedding tonight anyway,” he concedes.

“Yeah. Talk about it. Not plan it. How did we go from not knowing to getting married in a month?”

“Welcome to the family, babe,” he deadpans. “Prepare to have your life taken over.”


Want to know what happens from there and why Theo’s mother is so upset? Find out on June 27th when Devotion releases.

Preorder links below – Links will be up for Amazon on release day.

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