Beautiful Series – Favourite Moments – A BEAUTIFUL MELODY

Today’s favourite moment is with A Beautiful Melody. This is the beginning of The Beautiful Series Part Two, and was my first attempt at writing something a little less dark than my usual work. There was still plenty of emotion, but I really wanted to steer clear of the dark pasts for a change. As  result, I found myself really loving the interactions between the characters.

My favourite part has to be when Marcus has his tantrum on stage. Just the emotion that was going through all three main characters at that point made it very memorable for me.

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Here it is –

Beautiful Series 3 - Apple -     Amazon -

Beautiful Series 3 – Apple – Amazon –


It was at that moment Marcus decides to burst through the door. On each arm, laughing like some sort of gangster-pimp-wannabe, he drags in a couple of women who, from the way they’re dressed, would be more at home draped over the bonnet of a car than they would be backstage at a concert. I have never seen such large fake breasts on an actual person before, and it’s not until Theo lifts my chin to close my mouth that I realise that I had it hanging open.

“Dude,” Jack says, looking Marcus over and shaking his head. “This is a whole new level of crazy. Get your fucking act together. We’re on in like ten minutes.”

“No worries. I’m good to go. In fact, thanks to these ladies, I’m amazing,” he claims, kissing them both on the tops of their bleached heads as they giggle and cuddle up to him.

“What are their names?” I ask, unable to keep the disdain from my voice.

He simply looks at me and laughs.

“Listen, we don’t have time for this shit. Let’s just get our arses into gear and get out there,” Theo grumbles.

I lean down and pick up my violin, my body buzzing with anger as I think about what Marcus is doing and how he could have very well ruined the show for us tonight. After all the work Theo has put in this band, and all the work we’ve done together, he very well almost hung us out to dry.

Marcus leaves his bitches at the side of the stage, right near where I used to stand to watch Radio Silence. They wave and squeal while blowing kisses at him while he trots out on stage like the prized stallion. His cocky attitude just makes my blood boil more.

“Hello Melbourne!” he booms into the microphone. “For those of you who don’t know us, we are Matiari. Thanks so much for coming out early to see us!”

He slips so easily into his on stage persona, and the crowd loves it. Especially tonight, he’s radiating energy, and I wonder if he’s actually taken something to make him like this. He seems like he’s a live wire.

After he introduces the first song, I start to calm down, he plays and sings as seamlessly as always, running through what now seems like a script. The same songs, the same words, night after night.

Every night, it seems that we make more fans, and despite repeating the same performance, the adulation is enough that it leaves you wanting more. Just knowing that people love the music you’re making is enough to make you want to live up here, listening to screaming fans forever.

I sneak a few glances at Theo, who winks at me, grinning and obviously feeling the magic up here just like I am.

I get my violin ready for the last song, expecting Marcus to go through his usual spiel, but he doesn’t. He goes off on a tangent.

“I’ll bet you guys are loving Naomi, right?” he calls out, heading over to my side of the stage. The crowd cheers, and I smile and wave at them before turning my head toward Theo as I frown, concerned about where this is going. Theo’s expression darkens as his jaw clenches and he glares at his brother. I can practically feel the rage radiating off him from here. “Yeah. I love her too,” he tells them, his expression calm and serious as he looks me in the eye.

I feel a slight stabbing in my chest as dread fills my stomach. What the hell is he going to do?

He takes a couple of steps away from me before addressing the audience again. “Now, Naomi is a fan of Aiden Price.” The crowd screams at the mention of his name. “No, he won’t be here tonight, but I get that a lot of you are probably fans as well. Actually, I am too. A while back, as a bit of a treat we did his song I Recall, but tonight, I’d like to do something a little different. I have a special song, just for Naomi. This one is called Weighted.”

Immediately, his fingers start moving over his guitar, playing the intro to the song. My mouth drops open and I look at Theo, who seems furious, but to save face he picks up the beat when he’s supposed to, shaking his head from side to side the entire time.


All I want, is for you, to let me in

To be true, to me, and not to him

You can’t choose me, it’s far too late

And it presses on me, like a heavy weight


All I want, is for you, to share your mind

If we shared, our thoughts, who knows what we’d find

We weren’t looking, there was too much on our plate

And it presses on me, like a heavy…


My stomach sours when Theo hits out the beat that means the chorus is coming, because I’m living my own personal, but very public nightmare. This song can mean only one thing – Marcus knows I’ve chosen Theo.


Fuck you, Fuck you

You were never true

Go, just go

I can’t even look at you

You can blame me, blame me

Blame me all you want

Just let me go, let me go

‘Cause you’re a bitch to be around


As he lowers his voice and repeats the last two lines, he looks over at me and commands “Sing Naomi!”

I jump slightly, swallowing a large lump in my throat as with a shaky voice, I attempt to sing the backing vocals.

I can’t believe this is happening, he’s trying to humiliate me publicly. But I don’t let him win, I sing along with him. I sing the next chorus along with him, and tell him to go and fuck himself because he’s a dick to be around.

The song becomes more intense and he starts screaming ‘Let me go’ until the song reaches its climax and we start whispering to each other to ‘let me go, ‘cause you’re a bitch/dick to be around’.

The crowd erupts. They go fucking hysterical over it, and Marcus swings his guitar onto his back, unplugs it and walks over to me.

“I guess everyone loves you,” he says, his eyes hard and unfeeling as he grabs the back of my head and slams his mouth against mine, forcing his tongue past my lips. It’s hard and it hurts. I hear the crash of the top hat toppling as Theo is obviously jumping up from his drum kit.

I push against Marcus’s chest with all my strength, just as Theo reaches us and grabs him by the front of his shirt, ready to punch him on stage.

“Fuck you Marcus,” I growl, placing my hand on Theo’s arm, effectively calming him enough so he just pushes Marcus back.

Marcus looks between us and laughs through his nose. “Yeah. Fuck Marcus. I’m done with this shit,” he spits out, taking his guitar off his back, flinging it off the stage and into the audience as he storms off.

The audience roars and there’s this huge scramble of bodies as they all try to get their hands on it. But it’s all just noise to me. Tears steam down my face as I stand there in open mouthed horror – what the hell just happened?


What was your favourite part? Feel free to comment below ❤



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2 responses to “Beautiful Series – Favourite Moments – A BEAUTIFUL MELODY

  1. lharms2013

    My favorite was when Naomi finally figured out who Theo is.

    Stepping forward, I pick up the photo, and lean against the bench opposite him while I study the image and then read the writing from the back out loud.
    “Classically Modern Concert. November 2007. Theo, Naomi , Marcus , Christy, and Damien.” I look up at him , his eyes seem to darken as he folds his arms protectively over his chest and holds my gaze in his. “This is why you’re angry with me all the time?” I step toward him, holding the photo for him to see. “Is this you?” I ask pointing to the boy I always thought was named Aramis.
    He nods once, a nod so small, I barely see it, but its there.
    I release my breath, its like I’ve been slapped across the face. “You’re Aramis?” I whisper. Tears springing to my eyes as I realise that the man I tried so desperately to contact all those years ago is standing right in front of me. Suddenly, all the anger he’s directed toward me makes sense- he obviously regrets that night as much as I do.
    “obviously, I grew out of my Goth faze,” he says, giving me a lopsided grin as he reaches for the photo and takes it from my hands.
    “Oh my god! What the hell Theo?” I shout, suddenly feeling pissed off at him for being so secretiv. “So, you’ver been angry with me because I didnt remember you were Aramis? A boy who had pitch black hair and wore a massive amount of black make-up and facial jewelry to school every day? A boy who hid out in the music room, and didnt go by the same name as you?” I list accusingly, pointing my finger at him as my anger toward him rises. As I talk, I move forward, until Im standing in front of him and poking him in the chest- his very frim chest I might add.
    He closes his hand over mine and holds it firmly in place. “No. Im angry because you dont remember when I told you who I was. When I removed the make-up and spent a whole night making out with you. Im angry at you for throwing yourself at me. I said no by the way, because you’d been drinking and I didnt want to be that guy. Im angry that I put you in a bed to sleep it off and when I came back to find you, naked and in bed with my brother. My brother Naomi. Im angry that I meant so little to you. Im angry that I hated my brother for almost a year after that. That because of you, I have a knuckle that will never go back into place because I punched my own brother in the face- becasue of you,” he growls, close to my face.

    It even freaked me out let alone Naomi.


  2. lharms2013

    Loved this book so much!


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