Beautiful Series – Favourite Moments – A BEAUTIFUL FOREVER

I know you’ve been waiting for it, and here it is. Today is my favourite moment in A Beautiful Forever. This one seems to be everyone’s most favourite Beautiful Series novel, so far, and when I wrote it, I truly thought this would be the end of the series. But, I got an inbox full of requests to keep the series going, so I made the decision to keep writing until you all start yelling ‘Stop already! We’ve had enough!’ 😉

There are a couple of scenes I really love in this book. Paige and Elliot go through such a huge journey together and come out as very different people at the end. But, since I could only choose one, I have chosen when Elliot finds Paige working in the hair salon. I just really like their reactions to each other in this section of the book…

If you haven’t read any of the Beautiful Series yet, you can find them on iBooks, Amazon, Nook and Kobo.

Here it is –

Beautiful Series 2 - Apple -     Amazon -

Beautiful Series 2 – Apple – Amazon –


Nerves build up inside my chest as we walk towards the hair salon. Without warning Naomi, I stop walking and look in, hoping the girl I saw is still there. When my eyes find her, I watch her movement as she talks to a customer while taking their money at the counter. I’m now positive it’s Paige. She’s smiling and animated and well, beautiful. An odd feeling overcomes me as I watch her, it’s like I’m being enveloped in some sort of mist, and she’s the only person I can see around me.

“Do you know her?” Naomi asks from beside me. Turning towards her voice, I need to blink a couple of times before she comes into my focus.

“What?” I ask in return.

“That girl in there, do you know her?”

“I think I do,” I say as I start moving toward the entrance of the salon.


“Just make sure you keep up your weekly treatments. You’ve over bleached your…” I stop talking as the bell above the door jingles and a person I never expected to see again walks through. Betraying my mind, my stomach flits about happily as I look back to the customer and try to finish. “Sorry, you’ve over bleached your hair. We will have to cut it really short if you don’t take good care of it.”

“Well I don’t want that!” she says as I hand her the bag full of products she’s just purchased.

“That will all help it stay in good condition until your next appointment,” I say before bidding her farewell.

As I watch her walk out the door, I have to force myself to look over at Elliot, I don’t know why, but it’s really freaking me out that he’s standing in front of me, smiling like we’re long lost friends.

“Long time no see,” he says to me.

“If you call yesterday morning a long time ago,” I deadpan. “Are you here for a haircut or are you just passing through?”

He looks around and sees the other customers sitting on the chairs waiting, “Um, yeah; I want a haircut. Can you fit me in?”

“Ah,” I cut my eyes to the clock upon the wall while I think, “it could take a good hour – I have two clients ahead of you.”

Drumming his hands on the counter he nods. “That’s fine. I’ll wait.”

A small blonde girl walks up behind him and touches his shoulder, “Um, what are you doing?” she asks, looking slightly irritated.

He inclines his head to me slightly, “I’m getting a haircut,” he tells her as a matter of fact.

I stop listening and call my next client, a chubby redhead named ‘Christine’, leaving Elliot to deal with his friend.  As I shake out the black cloak to drape over her, I glance at Andrea, who raises her eyebrows at me and mouths, He’s gorgeous! Do you know him? Nodding I make the ‘sort of’ sign with my hand. She glances at him again and nods appreciatively, practically licking him with her eyes. Laughing at her, I shake my head and turn to focus on my client.


“You don’t have to wait for me,” I tell Naomi, who is standing next to me with her arms crossed over her chest. “I can find my way back on my own.”

“It’s fine. I can wait,” she says.

“Naomi, I’m fine. Go home.”

“Oh, um… ok,” she says hesitating a little before starting to leave, regret rises within me as I start to feel bad for dismissing her so rudely.

“Listen, thanks for joining me today Naomi. It ended up being nice having someone to sight see with,” I tell her. She smiles brightly, happy with my acknowledgement and tells me she’ll see me at home.

Nodding, I look over at Paige, who is pinning up a woman’s hair so she can cut underneath. She cuts with great concentration and skill, only speaking when she needs to. I’m impressed she’s functioning so well, right now I feel like I could pass out.



“You know that guy you don’t really know?” Andrea says behind me as I blow dry my current client’s hair. I nod in response, still focusing on curling the brush to create enough volume.

“Well… he’s asleep.”

“What?!” I laugh incredulously, turning my head slightly to spot him in a chair with his head slumped forward on his chest.

When I finish up with my client, I walk her to the counter, quickly offering her some product, but not caring if she takes any. I can’t seem to stop my eyes from flitting constantly to the sleeping figure in the waiting area.

The moment she leaves, I walk over to Elliot and stand in front of him as I contemplate how best to wake him.

“Wait, wait, wait!” Andrea calls out in one of those whispers that might as well be a yell, as she dashes towards me. “I want to witness this!” She stands beside me and adjusts her shirt as she prepares herself.

“What are you doing?” I ask her. She looks like she’s getting ready to catch a ball or something.

“I don’t know,” she shrugs, laughing a little. “Just wake him.”


I jerk my head up as a loud clapping sound startles me awake. Slowly, my eyes focus and I’m met by the sight of Paige and her co-worker standing in front of me smiling their arses off.

“Jetlag can be a bit of a bitch huh?” Paige comments. “You still want that haircut?”

I scratch my head and stand up, stretching to try to bring myself fully awake. “Yeah, I still want that haircut,” I reply through a yawn.

Paige inclines her head towards the wash basins, and I follow her over taking the seat she points to. She places a towel around my neck and gets me to lean back against the hard porcelain.

As she turns the water on and tests the temperature on the back of her hand she says, “Try not to fall asleep on me, I don’t want to have to pull your hair to wake you up.”

I laugh, “I’ll do my best, but no promises.”


What was your favourite part? Feel free to comment below ❤

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One response to “Beautiful Series – Favourite Moments – A BEAUTIFUL FOREVER

  1. lharms2013

    I loved a Beautiful Forever. Because it is a forever for Paige and Elliot. As they start a new life together.
    My favorite part was when Elliots dad took them to dinner then took them to the surprise he and Erica prepared for Paige and Elliot. The apartment. Elliots old apartment. I thought what his father did was such a good jester towards them since he took it from Elliot before.
    “We know your both dying to get back to Grace,” Erica adds. “but if you can just bear with us, we have something really special for desert..
    “Ok?’ I say looking at Paige as she says the same thiing. Dad signs the bill when the waiter returns again and stands.
    “Did you drive?” I say standing as well.
    “Its a surprise, just follow us,” he tells me
    Wrica claps her hands giving a little excited squeal and Paige , and I exchange glances as I offer my hand to help her up.
    Walking out of the restaurant, we follow behind my father and Erica, who are clinging to each other, the picture of a happy couple.I guess now that I think about it, this is the happiest I have seen my dad in years. Erica is obviousely very good for him.
    “Where do you think we’re going?” Paige asks me quietly.
    “I seriously have no idea.”
    Butterflies are churning in my stomach as we follow Robert’s Mercedes through the night. I put in a call to Kathy to let her know that we are going to be a little longer, and she tells me that everything is fine, Grace is fast asleep and we should take our time.
    I feel relieved and kind of sad at the same time. I miss my baby.”So everything’s fine?’ Elliot asks
    “Yeah it is, I dont even think she misses us,” I tell him.
    “Of course she misses us. Shes just secure enough that she can handle her grandmother looking agfter her for a few hours- thats all.”
    He takes a hold of my hand across the centre console and gives me a reasuring squeeze before breaking away as he flicks the blinker on and squiints out the windshield.
    “What the hell..?” he trails off, turning into a street behind his father whos pulling into a parking garage under a block of flats.
    “What? Where are we?’ I ask as he pulls over to the side of the road and parks the car.
    “I used to live her,” he says. “I didnt think he still had it.”
    “Had What?”
    “The flat, is the flat he use to let me live in. I moved out when he stopped supporting me. I thought he’d sold it.”


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