Beautiful Series – Favourite moments – TOO CLOSE

I thought with the recent release of A Beautiful Rock, that it would be nice to take a look back at some of my own favourite moments in the Beautiful Series so far.

There are now seven books in total, including the Beauty in Between, so I’m going to do my favourite scene from each book, in order, for the next seven days.

If you haven’t read any of the Beautiful Series yet, you can find them on iBooks, Amazon, Nook and Kobo.

I love each story for a different reason, but there is always one scene that I think about most when I remember them. In TOO CLOSE, it’s the scene when David and Katrina decide they won’t be attending the formal with their ‘so-called’ friends….

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Katrina let out a loaded breath. “Fuck, I’m so nervous now. I don’t know if I can do this!” she hissed.

“Don’t think about it. Just do it,” I told her, grabbing her arm and pulling her forward. “Load your weapon.”

She closed her eyes for a moment and took an egg in each hand. We walked quickly towards the black limousine as it pulled up and waited while the door was opened by the driver.

“Ready?” I said to Trina as I saw the first leg emerge from the limo.

“Not really, but I’ve come this far.”

Out stepped Cassie, wearing this long peach coloured dress that was shimmering with little bits of silver stuff all over it. She was followed by Ben, who was wearing a suit with a tie that matched her dress. After them came, Terry with Maddie and Aaron with Mara.

“Go!” I called over my shoulder, sprinting with Trina close by my side. We let go of as many eggs as we could on our way past. Hitting them square in their chests and exploding egg everywhere. I’ll never forget the shocked looks on their faces. Suddenly, I felt so much better about the last few years of crap they put me and Trina through.

All I could hear as we ran away were the shrill screams from the girls and the gruff swearing of the guys.

“Shit! Ben and Aaron are chasing us!” Katrina called out to me.

“Fuck! Run faster!” I yelled, grabbing her hand and pulling her along behind me as we sprinted for my car.

We hit against it with a bang and thankfully, I didn’t drop the keys, and the car started first turn. I planted my foot and sped off.

“Did they see the car?” I asked Katrina as I turned the corner.

“I don’t think so, I couldn’t see them. I think we had too much of a head start.”

All of a sudden, we both burst out laughing.

“I can’t believe we just did that!” Katrina gushed. “Did you see Cassie’s face! I will remember that for the rest of my days.” She sighed and settled back into her seat.

I glanced over at her, a firm grin planted on my face, just like there was on hers. “That was probably the best – holy shit!”

“What?” Katrina said suddenly looking around us frantically. “Are they behind us?”

“Ah no. Just stay still ok,” I told her, slowing the car and pulling over.

“Why? What is it? Oh god, it’s a spider isn’t it? It’s a great big giant hairy mother fucking spider!”

Suddenly, the Huntsman crawled forward on her shoulder. “Just stay still and calm. I’m going to get it,” I instructed getting out of the car to move around to her side.

I opened her door and took her hand, pulling her out while she made a high pitched squealing noise. “I felt it move!”

“Trina, you’ll scare it and it will jump off you and into the car. Just come with me.”

She continued to squeal with a much quieter tone as I pulled her away from the car, keeping my eye on the spider the whole time. I raised my hand and swatted it forward so it landed on the ground in front of us.

“There it’s gone.”

Trina then let out a huge scream and jumped on the poor thing, stomping on it over and over again until there was nothing left to see but a couple of legs and pulpy mess.

“Holy crap, Trina. It’s not like it was poisonous. You could have let it go.”

She visibly shuddered. “I hate spiders,” she stated, stomping the spot one last time before getting back in the car.

“I can see that,” I mumbled, following suit and getting back in as well.


So, that’s my favourite part. What’s yours? Comment below…


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5 responses to “Beautiful Series – Favourite moments – TOO CLOSE

  1. lharms2013

    My favourite part is when David stole Trinas first kiss.
    “Thanks for last night Trina. You could have gotten into a lot of trouble”.
    “Just go or I will be in a lot of trouble….and you’re welcome” she smile, leaning on her window sill, so we were eye level. I dont know why I di it, but I grabbed her face and kissed her. It was s soft kiss, involving only our lips, but still it took my breath a moment to return to me.
    When I pulled back , Katrina’s cheeks were bright pink and her eyes were wide with surprise. “Now you dont have to wonder,: I told her with a wink.
    All of a sudden, realisation dawned on her face, and she hit me in the shoulder. “Thanks a fucking lot. You just stole my first kiss,” she laughed, only half meaning what she was saying. “You’re a dick. Go home!” Rolling her eyes at me she lifted the screen back into the frame.
    “Hey, at least you’ll always remember me now.”


  2. Lisa

    This sounds like a wonderful book.


  3. lharms2013

    Your welcome. ❤


  4. Kathy Lambert/Skinner

    One of my favorite parts is when David’s plans are complete. Katrina is brought on the boat and finds David standing alone, while Bruno Mars is playing! AND of course the following event!!! Beautiful, “just” Beautiful!!!

    I loved the whole series in it’s entirety and all the characters; Katrina and David are my all-time favorite couple in any series that I’ve read and I have read over a hundred romances and that is a very modest account of the books I’ve read. There is something so special about watching them grow up and an go through all of their struggles. They will be my favorites forever. Thank you for them.

    Kathy Skinner


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