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A Beautiful Rock – Teaser

Those of you following me on Facebook have already had the pleasure of seeing this teaser, but here it is for my beautiful blog followers –

A Sweet and Sexy teaser for A Beautiful Rock! (PG sexy! lol, we’ll save the good stuff for the actual reading experience  )

Sweet because it’s their first kiss and sexy ’cause they kiss! (plus, Marcus is involved so… yum!)


Unedited and subject to change. (Pre-order on the iBookstore –


“Stop. Lisa stop,” I say, grabbing a hold of her shoulders and turning her toward me to force her to stop moving.
“Leave. Me. Alone,” she growls out through gritted teeth.
“I already told you – no.” Then, I kiss her. I don’t know why, but it seems to be the only thing I can think of that might get her to stop and talk to me. If I let her keep pushing, I’m never going to know her.
I want to know her. So. Much.


One minute, I’m crying and yelling and the next, his lips are on mine and I stop fighting. A delicious warmth starts from the point of contact and spreads in curling tendrils, diffusing through my body until they reach the very tips of my fingers and toes and every part of me is humming.
His hands move from my shoulders to cup my face as he inhales and moves his mouth against mine. He uses only his lips as he sucks gently on mine and caresses my skin with his thumbs.
I feel light and breathless, and all thoughts surrounding my previous distress seem to float away out of my grasp as I melt into him and slide my arms around him, gripping the back of his shirt.
I think I could stay here forever, but the sudden click and flash of cameras causes both of us to snap away from each other.

(Available for pre-order on the iBookstore –


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Coming up…

For those of you who aren’t following me on facebook, you may want to pop on over there and take a look at THIS POST. If you’re a Beautiful Series fan then your going to really enjoy reading (pause to add drama…) about the first meeting between Marcus and our new girl, Lisa, in A Beautiful Rock! Woot! 

I’m in the process of writing it at the moment, and it’s due to go out to beta readers at the end of the month. I can’t wait! 

Also happening, the next Vlog will be filmed over the next week. It’s been super hot in Australia so I’ve been busy lying, spread-eagled, on the floor moaning about our air conditioner’s inability to cope with a heatwave. So writing, admin, reading, vlogging, blogging etc etc, are all very slow going for me at the moment. 

After my last post, I listed my adjusted release schedule HERE. You can access it any time you want to check out what’s coming next and don’t want to wait for me to message you back. 

But, for quick reference. Here is how things are looking for the next twelve months – 

Tentative Release Schedule for 2014

A Beautiful Rock – (Beautiful Series Book 4) – Apr 03, 2014

Drawn – Book 2 – TBA (expected late April/Early May), 2014

The Beauty in Between (Naomi & Theo’s wedding. Title TBA) – June 2014

Our Lives Entwined (Entwined Series book 2) – August 6th, 2014 

A Beautiful Reunion (Beautiful Series Book 5) – Oct 2014 

Played (Stand-alone novel) – December 2014 

 Coming soon…

Confidante: The Madame (Confidante Trilogy book 3) – TBA


If you have any questions, let me know. 

I’ll talk to you all soon! 


Lilli xoxox

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