A Beautiful Boxed Set! Available for the Holidays!

Never fear! I know you’re all patiently waiting for A Beautiful Melody, and I promise it will be ready for you by November 30. It’s almost ready! 🙂

However, with the holidays coming up, I thought it would be a great time to release the first part of the Beautiful Series in a boxed set. This will help all of those new to the series , as well as those who are yet to read The Beauty in Between.

I’ve put them all in one book in timeline order, so you’ll start with Too Close and move on to A Beautiful Struggle, Phoenix, A Beautiful Forever, and finally Commitment. So you’ll get the whole story of Katrina, David, Elliot and Paige in one handy book! This completes part one, as A Beautiful Melody introduces new characters and moves away from the original four – you get a little glimpse of them all, but essentially, their story is done. So if you want to spend a great weekend, curled up with some beautiful Aussies then head on over to Amazon and one click away – A Beautiful Boxed Set

It’s only $5.99 – I took into account the cost of all available books and cut the price so you’re not only getting an easy to read set, but you’ll be saving a couple of dollars too.

Anyway, that’s all from me. I’d better go and finish Melody for you all. I promise to give you all a nice big juicy teaser to read this weekend!


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One response to “A Beautiful Boxed Set! Available for the Holidays!

  1. Christy

    Reblogged this on Christy's Written Word Love and commented:
    I absolutely LOVE everything that Lilliana writes! If you have not read any of her books this is a great deal to pick up for yourself a friend or sister for the Holidays!
    Christy ❤


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