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A Beautiful Melody has Released! (and hit number one in the ibookstore!)

It’s live! Check it out!

and here’s me at number one!

A HUGE thank you to everyone who preordered A Beautiful Melody on the ibookstore. I woke up this morning to a wonderful email from them, letting me know that I was number one. So I’m majorly excited and will be smiling all day! 
If you don’t have your copy yet, here are the links –

Apple –
Amazon –
Barnes & Noble –
Kobo –

Happy Reading!!

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What the hell is NaNo and why am I banging on about it? (There may also be a cover reveal in it for you…)

NaNo is the short version of NaNoWriMo or National Novel Writing Month. Basically, in the month of November, a bunch of writers band together with a common goal – to write 50,000 words in 30 days.

Why 50K? because that is when your manuscript officially becomes a novel.

So, I’m banging on about it, because it’s a competition of sorts, and I want to win. This is my second year participating. Last year I wrote A Beautiful Struggle, so really, I owe my career start to NaNo for giving me a deadline to work toward.

This year, I am writing Drawn. This is a book I have had in my mind for most of this year, but I have been so busy with the Beautiful Series that I haven’t had time to write it. But NaNo has changed that. I am currently at the half way mark with only eleven days to go. I’m sure there will be a lot of late nights in my future, but I’m determined to get it finished so I can get a little winner’s sticker on my cover.

What does that cover look like? Well, here’s a look – I have some serious love going on for  this cover (I’ve had it sitting there, ready and made for months!)

I’ll bet now that you’ve seen the cover, you want the blurb. Well, here it is…

***Content warning*** it’s advised that readers be over 18 years of age before reading this novel due to sexual content and adult situations.

From the best-selling author of the Beautiful Series, comes Drawn, a powerful tale of a relationship that rides the edge of hate and love and everything in between.

Have you ever felt so drawn to someone, that you will put up with anything to be with them? That’s how I feel when I’m around him.

Most of the time, I want to hate him. I want to stay as far away from him as possible. He’s so cocky, and arrogant. And he gets in the way and tells me what to do. He’s all things that I normally detest in a man. But, when we’re alone… I can’t even think for myself – the pull is that intense.

I know I should run, I know I should stay away. But I can’t. I don’t know if I’m strong enough.

What do you do when you just can’t stay away? Even when you know you should…

You can add this bad boy to your TBR via Goodreads, and it should be available on the iBookstore for preorder within the week. Release date is set for  December 30


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Friday Feature – Fire Dreams by Tamsin Baker

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll know that I used to dedicate my Friday posts to feature other authors who have a new or upcoming release – it’s just my way of saying ‘thank you’ to all the other authors out there who have helped to spread the word about my work, and you never know – I just might find you a new favourite author!

I haven’t done it for a while because as you also know, I’ve been hella busy with my own releases and have been a crappy blogger over the last couple of months. So, I haven’t been chasing authors down to post about, but my door is always open. If you are an author and would like to feature on my blog then please contact me to arrange a Friday close to your release date.

Fire Dreams by Tamsin Baker

m/m contemporary erotic romance. (novella length)

Fire Dreams 1600x2400


Dylan is living his dream, fighting fires and saving lives. Bruised ribs call for a doctor visit and he meets Zach. The sexy ER surgeon tempts Dylan, with more than the casual one night stands he usually indulges in.  However Zach’s life means long hours and pressure. He’s left wondering if he can cope.

Zach meets the gorgeous young Dylan, who is the answer to his silent prayers. The hardworking Firey is beautiful, smart and funny. What more could he ask for?

But these two shift-workers have no relationship experience. Will their lives get in the way of their new love or could their incredible passion conquer all?


“We had a pretty big house fire today and Dylan actively participated in two rescues.”

Zach whistled, that was impressive. Either the guy was amazingly strong or had a super hero complex. But why had Simon called him? “So, is he okay?”

Simon pushed open the door to the communal bedroom and lowered his voice. “Yeah, I think so. But after we finished he was complaining of his ribs hurting and he was sweating and stuff. Sorry I got you out to check on him, but he didn’t want to go to the hospital.”

Zach walked closer and hissed in a breath at the fallen angel lying on the bed in front of him. Short, tightly curled golden hair and pale skin, this man was simply beautiful.

He knelt down next to the bed and put his hand up to the man’s sweating brow. His skin was a little sticky, but no fever.


The man’s eyes opened and focused on him, the brightness of the blue just as shocking as Zach’s instant reaction to him. Fuck, I’m getting hard over a patient! That’s a first.

He cleared his throat and stayed squatting. “Hi, I’m Doctor Zach Shaw. How are you feeling?”

The man pushed himself up, visibly shaking as he swung his legs over and sat up.

“I’m okay, just cold and… sore.” He put a hand across his ribs and Zach forced himself to stand.

“Simon, can you make some hot tea with sugar for…” Had Simon mentioned the guy’s name? He couldn’t remember now.

“Dylan, I’m Dylan.” The gorgeous angel lifted his hand and Zach took it, feeling the heat of the man’s skin against his, loving the roughened calluses against his smooth palm.

“Can do.” Simon trotted off and Zach reached for the lamp.

“Please don’t, I have a headache.” Dylan’s voice was a little weak but his hand was firm as it wrapped around Zach’s forearm to stop him from turning on the light.

Again, that skin to skin contact was enough to make his cock throb.

“Is that normal for you?” Zach asked his patient as he grabbed a chair and pulled it across the room so that he could sit in front of Dylan.

“Yeah, I don’t always sleep well, and we’ve had a rough day.”

Zach knew that was a bit of an understatement, but chose not to comment. “Can you lift your top? Simon said something about your ribs?”

Dylan nodded slowly, reaching over his head with his right hand and pulling his white T-shirt over his head with one tug, hissing in pain and clutching at his left ribs.

Oh God, the man was simply stunning. Huge, wide, flat pecs, massive shoulders and sculpted abs. Fuck!

“Here, I’m not sure what exactly happened.”

Dylan lifted his arm and pointed to a red patch around ribs seven and eight.

Zach cleared his throat, feeling for all the world like an inexperienced student with his first hot patient. Away from the hospital, without the cold, bright white walls and his name tag, he felt out of place touching this beautiful man.

“Alright, I’m going to squeeze your ribs from the front and the side in a compression test to cheek for broken ribs. Ready?”

Dylan nodded, a bead of sweat rolling down the side of his temple and hitting his chest. Zach wanted to lean down and lick it off and groaned at the inappropriate desire.

“You okay?” Dylan’s question and concerned frown surprised Zach, as did the slightly wide eyed look he had on his face.

“Yeah. It’s just been a long day. Stand up for me could you?”

Dylan nodded again and lifted himself up, sagging a little which made Zach step forward to catch him.

Buy Links:

Tamsin Baker Links:

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A Beautiful Melody – Excerpt (Prologue) + my 3000 likes Giveaway!

I know, I know – I kinda suck. Why? Because I promised this chapter over the weekend, and I totally spaced on it. My excuse is, that I have a cold and I was busy doing a read through before Melody got sent off for editing – please forgive me! 😉

Anyway! Something else also happened over the weekend as well – I announced the prizes for my 3000 likes on Facebook Giveaway. One lucky person will get a $50 gift voucher to a store of their choice (as long as I can purchase it online of course) and a package from me with some signed book swag in it.


And now the moment we’ve all been waiting for (drum roll please!) –

A Beautiful Melody – Prologue 


Five years ago…


“Where did you get that?” I ask Erica as she passes a bottle of Bacardi Rum to Stephanie.

“I swiped it from my Dad,” explains Amy as she takes it off Steph, takes a swig and hands it to me.

I tip the bottle back and almost choke as the clear liquid burns my throat and makes my eyes water.

“Holy shit!” I splutter. “That stuff is horrible.”

“Well it’s just a little liquid courage. We need to go in there and act like we belong,” Erica explains.

“Yeah, don’t you want to see Marcus playing in his band?” teases Stephanie, who knows I’ve had a crush on him since the first moment I saw him in high school. He was the year above us, and I followed him around like a lost puppy.

I wouldn’t say we were friends. I’d just say that he tolerated me. He used to call me his favourite groupie. Although, I think he actually liked the fact that while he played his guitar and sang, I would sometimes join in with my violin. He wouldn’t let anyone else do that – just me. So it made me feel a little special.

But I haven’t seen him since he finished year twelve and started at university. We’re crashing a Sydney university party tonight, having heard about it via Erica’s older cousin. It’ll be the last time I get to see Marcus before I go to Canberra for the Australian National University’s School of Music. Not that it will matter. I doubt he’ll even notice me.

“Of course I want to see him. But I don’t really know if he’ll want me there. I haven’t spoken to him in over a year,” I reply.

“You have a vagina right?” asks Amy, in her usual blunt and deadpan way. “Of course he’ll want you there. Just don’t expect him to be talking to you tomorrow.” She grabs the bottle back and throws her head back, chugging down the last of it.

The rest of us exchange wide eyed expressions as she tells us all to follow her. It’s as if she’s a general leading the charge, so we follow along. Nervous about getting caught out, but excited about crashing a party.

Once we get in, there are so many people that we needn’t have worried, no one would have noticed us.

“There he is,” Stephanie whispers in my ear, nudging me with her elbow.

I look across the courtyard, and see Marcus setting up with the band on a makeshift stage. My heart does great big thumps against my ribcage as I watch him, his long toned arms showing corded forearms underneath his rolled up sleeves.

His head tilts forward as he focuses on the guitar in his hands. That’s what I’ve always loved about him – how important he finds his music. There’s a whole room of people around him, drinking and having a great time. There’s even people trying to get his attention, but he’s so focused on getting ready that he pays them no mind at all.

“Amazing,” I say under my breath, feeling completely in awe.

“What is?” Stephanie asks, just as this guy comes to stand in front of us with a tub full of various vodka mixes.

“Lucky dip?” he asks, offering us a drink.

“Sure,” we both say together, looking in the tub for a flavour we might like.

“No, no. You have to close your eyes and pick. It’s not fair if you look.”

“Oh ok,” I laugh, closing my eyes and reaching in. I pull out this red cranberry mix and Stephanie manages to get passionfruit, which is my favourite.

The guy moves off, offering the drinks to others as he goes along.

“You wanna swap?” she asks me, holding out the unopened bottle.

I smile gratefully, and switch drinks with her, loving that she knows me so well. I twist off the cap and take a mouthful, grimacing a little. “It’s flat,” I complain.

“You want to switch back? Mine’s fine,” she asks.

“No, don’t worry about it. I’ll just drink it,” I shrug, throwing the bottle back and taking a long thirsty chug. Even though we’re outside, it’s January, and in typical Sydney summer fashion, it’s really humid with only a light breeze blowing to cool us all down.

“Naomi?” I hear from behind me. Turing around, I find myself face to face with an old friend.

“Aramis!” I squeal, jumping up to wrap my arms around his neck and hug him tightly. “Oh my goodness, I’ve missed you so much! Still rocking the Goth look I can see,” I grin. Holding onto his arm as I speak to him.

Aramis is another ex-Australian Performing Arts Grammar School student. He was a couple of years above me, but we played together a few times in school productions, and we used to have a great time, sneaking into the music auditorium so he could play on the old piano in there. He loved the sound of it, claiming that it was far superior to the electric keyboards they had in the music rooms.

I’m a bit of a prodigy, and pick up musical instruments really quickly, easily understanding how they work and how the right notes can be produced. It’s like I speak music – like it’s a natural language for me. Piano and guitar, were really easy for me, but the violin took a bit more practise to master, which is why I’m such a big fan of it.

But with Aramis, I used to sit with him and play the piano as well while we worked through different pieces of music. It was always a lot of fun, and I loved spending time with him. Truthfully, he was my secret crush. You know that one guy you really like, but you’re afraid to tell your friends because they’ll think you’re crazy? Yeah. That’s Aramis.

To the rest of the school, he was considered a bit of a freak with his dyed black hair and pale made up face. But I’ve always thought him beautiful, I always enjoyed how quiet and reserved he was, despite his obvious talents. He was such a contrast to Marcus who was always so boisterous and sure of himself.

“How have you been?” he asks, his dark eyes concentrated only on me, making me feel like the only girl in the world.

“Busy with school. I got into ANU,” I tell him smiling, my eyes raking over him from head to toe, drinking him in.

“I heard,” he nods. “It’s well deserved. Congratulations,” he smiles, producing perfect white teeth, and slight crinkle around his eyes.

“What are you doing here tonight? Are you at the Conservatorium of Music?” I ask.

“No. I didn’t apply for uni actually. I travelled for a year and then came back home. I’m playing with the band tonight. On keyboards,” he states. Nodding toward the stage. “I’d better go. Maybe we can hang after the show? Come and find me.”

“I’d love that,” I call after him, pleased when he takes a moment to turn back and smile at me.

“Oh wow. Aramis is looking mighty fine from this angle,” Stephanie points out as we watch him walk away.

“Mmmhmm,” I agree, tilting my head as if it will give me a better angle.

“What about Marcus?” Stephanie murmurs next to my ear. “I thought you were here for him.”

“Who?” I ask, looking at her but not hearing what she’s saying. I’m still too busy watching Aramis as he climbs up on the stage.

Seeing him again has reminded me how much I loved spending time with him. How much I liked him. While I do like Marcus, I know that he’s a player. Nothing will ever come of spending the night with Marcus. But with Aramis… well, he’s different.

I tip my drink back, draining its contents before look around for something to put my empty bottle in. It’s at that moment that the band starts up, playing a cover of Muse’s Uprising. Amy and Erica come rushing over to us, holding more vodka mixes above their heads as they howl out their excitement and sway to the music.

“Just look at him up there,” Amy groans, as she hands me a fresh bottle. “He’s like a god on stage.”

“Yeah he is,” I agree, but I’m not looking at the same band member she is.  It’s like he’s faded into the ether.

I twist the cap off the new vodka mix and gulp a mouthful of its contents, feeling glad that this time the liquid is fizzy – even though it’s an orange flavoured one.

We do as girls do at parties and start to dance to the music. That’s the last thing I remember until I wake up the next morning and become a walking cliché.

Thank god I’m moving to Canberra.

A Beautiful Melody is releasing on November 30! Not long now!!! make sure you add it to your TBR list on Goodreads, or go to the iBookstore where it is available for pre-order. (All other ebook retailers will have the copy available on release day)

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A Beautiful Boxed Set! Available for the Holidays!

Never fear! I know you’re all patiently waiting for A Beautiful Melody, and I promise it will be ready for you by November 30. It’s almost ready! 🙂

However, with the holidays coming up, I thought it would be a great time to release the first part of the Beautiful Series in a boxed set. This will help all of those new to the series , as well as those who are yet to read The Beauty in Between.

I’ve put them all in one book in timeline order, so you’ll start with Too Close and move on to A Beautiful Struggle, Phoenix, A Beautiful Forever, and finally Commitment. So you’ll get the whole story of Katrina, David, Elliot and Paige in one handy book! This completes part one, as A Beautiful Melody introduces new characters and moves away from the original four – you get a little glimpse of them all, but essentially, their story is done. So if you want to spend a great weekend, curled up with some beautiful Aussies then head on over to Amazon and one click away – A Beautiful Boxed Set

It’s only $5.99 – I took into account the cost of all available books and cut the price so you’re not only getting an easy to read set, but you’ll be saving a couple of dollars too.

Anyway, that’s all from me. I’d better go and finish Melody for you all. I promise to give you all a nice big juicy teaser to read this weekend!


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October Vlog – Winners Announced!

I have been so busy lately and I feel like I haven’t spoken to you all in such a long time! So this video is a little on the long side. BUT, if you’re a fan, it will be worth the wait because I talk about a few fun things and announce a new giveaway.

Watch the video below or visit YouTube


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