September Vlog & Giveaway – watch to find out how to enter!

This month, I escape briefly from my children to talk about new releases, upcoming releases, a name change and a giveaway! But you’ll have to watch to find out how to enter. ( Winners announced in next month’s video!


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6 responses to “September Vlog & Giveaway – watch to find out how to enter!

  1. EEEEP I would definitely want a copy of the old Alter cover!! And I am looking forward to A Beautiful Melody ❤


  2. April Tyler-Grubbs

    I would a copy of Alter and I also LOVE the name change. I cant wait for your upcoming releases.


  3. Alter my state of mind,,, i would love a copy and i love the new name of the series… 🙂


  4. Lindsey

    I’d love a copy of Alter!!!


  5. Lilli. I would more than love a copy of this book. Since I found your books I started with A beautiful struggle then onto Too Close. Out of order I know. But I read them all in one weekend finishing The Commitment on Monday and Tuesday, I love the way your write your stories and and how I can feel each of the people in the books. Katrina Paige and now Naomi. The way you describe them and each of their men I have a good visual of how they look. I loved the chance to beta read for A Beautiful Melody and in my opinion its the best of the series so far. Although Phoenix hit my heart! I would so love a copy of “Alter” (Our Hearts Entwined). Im looking forward to reading The Confidante Triliogy. Im sure its as good as the rest of your books. Now that I have read your work I’m gonna stay on top of it and read anything you write. Thanks for this chance to win this book and to be a part of your street team.


    • Aw Tammie! That’s so sweet! I love that you’re enjoying my work so much. I can’t tell you how wonderful it feels to have someone fall so in love with your characters – it just makes it all soooooooooo worth it!

      Luv Ya!!! Mwah!!!


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