Commitment is live on all sites!

Despite a couple of hiccups in the technical department – Commitment is now live and available at all major ebook retailers!

I’m so excited for you all to spend a few hours with Katrina and David as they prepare for their wedding!

Here’s what reviewers are saying so far –

I freaking LOVE David!!!! He is such a sweetheart and loved him some Trina! That’s the kind of love I like to read about. – April (5 stars)

This is a Beautiful Continuation of what their love is and how it ends up… Lets just say it involves, Blind folds, secret locations and a little Dress room Sex. – ChristyC (5stars)

It’s hot but it’s also passionate, which is important in any romance book. You can just feel the love between Katrina and David that took years to build. I love how it made me sigh a lot. – Isabel (Sab the Book Eater) (4stars)

Thanks to everyone who has read it so far!

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