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September Vlog & Giveaway – watch to find out how to enter!

This month, I escape briefly from my children to talk about new releases, upcoming releases, a name change and a giveaway! But you’ll have to watch to find out how to enter. ( Winners announced in next month’s video!


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Commitment is live on all sites!

Despite a couple of hiccups in the technical department – Commitment is now live and available at all major ebook retailers!

I’m so excited for you all to spend a few hours with Katrina and David as they prepare for their wedding!

Here’s what reviewers are saying so far –

I freaking LOVE David!!!! He is such a sweetheart and loved him some Trina! That’s the kind of love I like to read about. – April (5 stars)

This is a Beautiful Continuation of what their love is and how it ends up… Lets just say it involves, Blind folds, secret locations and a little Dress room Sex. – ChristyC (5stars)

It’s hot but it’s also passionate, which is important in any romance book. You can just feel the love between Katrina and David that took years to build. I love how it made me sigh a lot. – Isabel (Sab the Book Eater) (4stars)

Thanks to everyone who has read it so far!

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When a character whispers in your ear…


I often get asked where inspiration for my characters come from. Normally they just pop into my head at random times, I don’t know who they are or what book they belong to. But they tell me a small part of their story and who they are.

Sounds a little crazy – I know that. But it’s true.

The reason I’m posting this now, is that it happened to me today. I was sitting on my couch, minding my own business and suddenly she was there. I have no idea where she belongs or who her man is going to be. But I thought I’d show you all how my characters starts. 

This is how she came to me –

Desolate. That’s the word that describes how I feel most of the time.

Outside, I’m smiling. I’m functioning. But inside, I feel like I’m fighting to survive. Fighting just to get up and continue to function every day.

It isn’t even as if I’ve had the hardest life in the world. It hasn’t been easy either. But many have had worse.

And I’ve been given opportunity. I’d love to say I squandered it, and that’s why I didn’t succeed. But I did. I did succeed – every single time I succeeded.

It’s just that there’s always someone. Someone who’s there to tear me down. To put me in my place and make me feel like I’m hurting them by trying. There’s always someone, yelling in my ear, holding me back when all I want to do is be free.

I don’t think I’ll ever be free. I’ll always be stuck. Just as I am now. And forever struggling.

Perhaps I’m just weak…


Honestly, I got upset after hearing that. I feel responsible for her now and I want to find a way to give her that freedom she so deserves.

Now, I just have to wait for her hero to visit me, so I can match them up…

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Only 9 days until Commitment Releases!!

Only 10 days until Commitment Releases!!

Only 9 days to go until David and Katrina get married! Commitment releases on September 15 – will you be attending? I hope so, because I’m giving away a set of signed Beautiful Series trading cards (I show the Too Close ones in THIS VIDEO) to registered ‘wedding guests’. You can RSVP HERE to enter.

Each day I will announce a winner on my facebook page

Good luck!


**DISCLAIMER** this is all in the name of fun, your information won’t be used for anything other than to enter you into this competition. Thanks! XOXOX

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