Pick Katrina’s Wedding Dress (Guest Post – David)

Lilliana has been kind enough to let me take over her blog again today so I can ask for your help.

To cut a long story short, I have taken over the wedding and I’m planning everything – including picking the wedding dress. It all has to be a surprise.

Recently, you all sent in photos of wedding dresses you think will look really great on Trina. Here’s a jumbled up pic of all of them so you can see what I’ve been choosing from.

wedding dresses

It’s been really hard to choose just four because I know that Trina would look gorgeous in any of them, but after careful deliberation, I have selected these ones.

Option ONE


Option 2


Option 3


Option 4


I just want to say a big thank you to everyone for sending in pictures. I really wanted to say ‘all of them!’ but Lilliana said I could only choose four.

The four ladies who sent the selected photos in are in the running to win a signed copy of Commitment as well as their name in the dedications for choosing the winning wedding dress. And of course, they will have mine and Trina’s undying gratitude.

What’s in it for you? Well,Β pick your favourite by voting in the poll below, and when you’re finished leave a short note in the comments sections. One lucky voter will also win a signed print copy of Commitment.

Good luck!


Winners will be announced on Friday August 30 at 10pm EDT



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34 responses to “Pick Katrina’s Wedding Dress (Guest Post – David)

  1. Lindsey

    My dress is number 4! πŸ™‚ I think there all beautiful in there own way. I love the idea of a guy plaining the wedding and surprising the wife. It can show how much the husband to be knows about his wife to be.


  2. #4 is my favorite as well. I love he color, the crystals on the waist, the fit and the fabric. πŸ˜€


  3. Yay!! My dress made the top 4!! how awesome!


  4. Such gorgeous dresses!! It was so hard to choose!!! ❀


  5. Ebony

    I love dress #2. If I was ever to get married again (to my husbasnd, of course) this would the dress that I pick ❀


  6. Vicki

    out of these dresses #2 is the best!


  7. Amy R

    All are beautiful, but I Love dress 2!


  8. Kristin Mckittrick

    Option 3 is amazing! You’d be a lucky guy to have a bride in such a stunning dress. ❀


  9. elena k

    they are all beautiful but i voted for 3. it is so elegant


  10. I love 1 and 3 but 3 just has that little bit more bling and would be perfect on Trina’s athletic figure.


  11. I have been with my partner since I was 14 married on the 29 sep 12 now that is my commitment lol. But I love number two as it shows elegance, style and beauty.


  12. Lianne

    very nice dresses


  13. Love #2 and the ethereal look to it.


  14. dress 1 is absolutely stunning. loved it.


  15. Julie Carroll

    They are all beautiful.


  16. Christy

    Yay my submission made it!! I am #1, I think Katrina is such a simple lady and if it came down to it, she would marry David in anything as long as she knew he was by her side ❀


  17. Laura Frasher

    I love all the dresses but dress 3 is my favorite.


  18. Doraine fisher

    Dress 2 is so Trina . She is tall and stylish and sophisticated.


  19. nikki brooks

    deffo dress 3, not too meringue like but still gorgeous and feminine


  20. Ebony

    dress #2 is just stunning.


  21. I voted for dress 2 because I can totally imagine Trina wearing it. Simple yet elegant. πŸ™‚


  22. I voted for #3! Classy and elegant, but sophisticated! kbinmich@yahoo.com


  23. #3 is my option because the bride not only gets a beautiful dress but she gets ease to walk with that wonderfully enhanced skirt.


  24. Kristia

    Dress 2 definitely! It’s so romantic πŸ™‚


  25. Kelly Gordon

    Love Dress number 3 stunning, beautiful, sexy, all in one. It’s the PERFECT dress!


  26. fav was number three, but all are beautiful


  27. modokkerbookpicks

    Hard to choose only one. All are beautiful ! Good luck!!

    Lisa B


  28. Looks like my dress is 2nd place 😦 hope to still win a signed copy though


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  30. Amber

    #2 for the win. It’s gorgeous!


  31. All these dresses are gorgeous! I like #1, I am a simple lady, the simplicity brings elegance πŸ™‚


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