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Confidante: The Escort has Released!

It’s now available on Amazon and will be 99cents until July 9

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June 30, 2013 · 3:01 pm

Time to clear something up re: Athletes

Ok, so normally I just ignore comments made in reviews, but one keeps popping up about A Beautiful Struggle that I feel the need to comment on myself.

It goes along the lines of ‘I can’t believe that Katrina, being an athlete, would drink, party and have sex like she does’

This is where I say – believe it. Athletes party hard. Especially when they aren’t in competition. How do I know this? Because I used to be an elite athlete. I rowed for Australia for two consecutive years when I was younger – so I know a little about how much athletes drink and do stupid things. I witnessed it first hand and joined in on more than one occasion.

Don’t believe me – here’s proof. That’s me on the left in stroke seat, racing in the World Championships. (it’s a bit grainy coz it’s a photo of a photo)


What’s the point of this post? Well, other than to prove my point, I wanted to say that I ALWAYS research my books. I try to stay as true to the character and as true to life as I possibly can.  I’m not perfect and I might make mistakes – but in this case I didn’t

That’s all 🙂




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Amazon sale – 2 weeks!

Amazon sale - 2 weeks!

Big sales on at the moment! If you visit me on Amazon, you’ll find all of my books are 99cents or less. To help get the word out, I’m asking/hoping some of you to share this image around at some point over the next couple of weeks.

So, to all my loyal beauties out there could you please share this image to help spread the word about my sale? As a thank you, when the sale is over, I will randomly pick five sharers to get an early reader copy of Too Close.

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June 27, 2013 · 5:45 pm

Special Promotions for Australian and New Zealand Readers.

Too close 3d

If you are a fan of A Beautiful Struggle, then you will want to hear about this one – The Beauty in Between Book One ‘Too Close’ is about to be released. It is the prequel to Struggle, and is told from David’s POV all about his friendship with Katrina.

The iBookstore have been kind enough to set it up for pre-order for all Aussie/NZ residents, so if you’re dying to get your hands on David and Katrina’s story then you can have it delivered to your Apple device the moment it goes live on the 30th July.

forever 3d book

Also happening right now, is the iBookstore ‘Home Grown Romanace’ promo, where they have A Beautiful Forever listed for only 99cents. Now, it’s very rare that I get to run a promo on any site other than Amazon, so I’m really excited I can offer this to you all.

This promo runs for two weeks and ends on the 9th July.

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One week to go!! Confidante: The Escort is almost here!



And to show you all how excited I am – here’s an excerpt! 

People are fascinated by the kind of woman who would choose to work in the escort industry. Despite the many stereotypes that are out there, Angelien found that the girls she worked with were fairly varied – coming from all walks of life and social strata.


Some were highly educated. Some didn’t attend much formal schooling at all. They were of varied ages and looks, although, she didn’t meet any like herself who had started in their thirties, but she felt that somewhere out there, there must be others.


Angelien never went back to Trish and worked at her new agency for 10 months. Looking back now, she thinks it had a lot to do with the camaraderie of the girls who worked there. They didn’t become friends that you would go to lunch with or who you invited to dinner, but they were very good work friends. They all had having sex for money in common, even if they didn’t have anything else.


Not every girl waited for work at the office while on call. The majority of the girls would wait at home. Angelien often wondered if they had other jobs or worked for other agencies. But they remained enigmas, as she only saw them from time to time when they came in to collect their earnings.


They weren’t that friendly and would just nod their head in her direction to be polite while they looked every girl in the room up and down to check out their competition.


It might seem bitchy to the regular person, but as an escort, that’s exactly what you were, competition. Every time a new girl joined the agency, all the other girls would see their earnings drop a bit.


They couldn’t always rely on regulars to supplement their income. To a big degree, the money came from new clients. New clients for Angelien at least, she estimated that around 80% of new clients would have used escorts before, they just changed agencies or girls whenever they grew tired or wanted someone new.


Confidante: The Escort is the second book in the Confidante Trilogy. It’s a biographically series following ‘Angelien’ a now retired Sydney sex worker as she enters the sex industry in her thirties and works her way up from the brothel, to an escort and finally a madame. 

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Weekend Reading – What book are you curling up with?

If you are curling up with a good book – I am terribly jealous as this weekend I don’t have time to read. I have two deadlines coming up and I need to work, work, work.

Although, I would LOVE to hear what you’re reading and what you think so that when I take my next week off, I have have plenty to entertain me.


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Friday Feature – Jill Prand’s Blog Tour Stop for ‘Watch Me Walk Away’

Welcome to another Friday Feature – the purpose of these posts is to help another Indie author get the word out about their new book release. Today I’m featuring Jill Prand, whose new book ‘Watch me Walk Away’ is out now.

Check out the blurb and excerpt, as well as the giveaway below and see if it’s something you might want to check out.




At the age of seventeen, Lisa was broken when Bobby left. He was supposed to be her first. First Love. First Time. First Everything. No word for six long years. She moved away from the painful reminders sacrificing her relationship with her best friend Brad. She struggled to rebuild her life.

Now six years later she returns as a strong, successful woman grabbing a job at one of New York’s hottest marketing agencies. She is dating a gorgeous guy with his eyes on a corner office. But it all changes when she sees Bobby again.

Can she risk another heartbreak from Bobby? Will she be able to repair her friendship with Brad? Lisa will have to decide between the man she’s with, and the two men that want her.

Who will she be with, and who will she tell to “Watch Me Walk Away?”


I hear his car pull up and am out the door like a bullet. I wave to Arthur in the front seat and the back door opens and he is here. I freeze and just look at him. God he looks good enough to eat. He shuts the door and walks up to me and stops. I want to throw myself at him and shove my tongue in his mouth.

“Hi Beautiful,” he lifts his hand to caress my cheek. “God you look good. I missed you.” And that’s it. I grab his hair and pull him down for a kiss. We both groan when our mouths touch. His arms go around me and he picks me up and holds me close. Our mouths open at the same time and our tongues battle for dominance. All thought has left my mind I just want to get closer to him. I wrap my legs around him and use my thighs to push up so my mouth is above his. One of his arms goes under my ass to hold me up. Both my hands are now in his hair my elbows resting on his arms. He nips on my lower lip and I counter by sucking on his tongue. Finally I need to take a breath and pull away.

“Hi Handsome,” I pant. I release the pressure of my thighs a littlw so I am more eye level with him.

“Wow, that was some welcome,” he smiles at me.


About the Author

I live in Northern New Jersey. I am a wife and mother of two girls. I have been an avid reader my whole life, I cannot remember a Sunday afternoon that did not include my parents reading. We had a huge bookshelf in our den with a diverse set of authors like Ayn Rand, Stephen King, Mario Puzo & Danielle Steele.

I have always had ideas and characters running around my head but it took a few good friends to push me to start putting them down on paper.

I hope you enjoy my musings. Please feel free to contact me I would love to hear from you.




Picture by LG Photography

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Here’s the ‘Vlog’ if you missed it.

Be prepared to see me look really awkward in front of the camera as I attempt my first ever vlog. Perhaps next time I should write a script hmmm…. and maybe wear some make up…. and maybe brush my hair.

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Writing updates – What am I working on?

                                                              escort 3d Too close 3d

I currently have two books that I am working on right now. I’m aiming for both of them to be novella length, but I have a feeling that Too Close might try and sneak its way into novel territory.

Release dates for each book – Confidante: The Escort – June 30

Too Close: The Beauty in Between – July 30

If you aren’t following me on Facebook then OR you’ve never read any of my books before, then you will have no idea over the significance of these two books. Confidante: The Escort is the long awaited second book in the Confidante Trilogy. It follows, Angelein, a retired Sydney sex worker as she rises through the ranks, starting as a prostitute in a brothel, then moving on to being an escort and then finally a madame, before hanging up her sex worker hat for good.

It’s a true story about a woman who didn’t see sex work as the lowest of the low, instead she embraced it and became highly successful due to her effervescent attitude.

‘Too Close’ is the first book in my ‘The Beauty in Between’ series. Now, this series was created to answer all of the questions that readers of A Beautiful Struggle and A Beautiful Forever had about the character’s pasts. Too Close is a look into David and Katrina’s friendship, told from David’s point of view, it starts with him taking her to the hospital after her altercation with Christopher. While he waits to find out if she’s ok, he thinks back on their life together.

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Only Two weeks until the Release of Confidante: The Escort

Only Two weeks until the Release of Confidante: The Escort

Today is the official start of our countdown for the release of Confidante: The Escort – book two in the Confidante Trilogy.

It’s a biographical series following an ex-Sydney sex worker, Angelien, during her rise through the ranks from prostitute to madam.

You can get the first book, Confidante: The Brothel for free on B&N and Kobo, or you can nag Amazon to price match it so you can get it for free there too.

If you’d like to join the launch party on facebook you can visit us HERE and get ready for some fun and prizes on the 30th!

In the meantime, add Confidante: The Escort to your to your TBR on Goodreads. Or visit my website to sign up for the newsletter so you’ll be notified the moment I press publish.

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June 18, 2013 · 3:03 am